90210: Season Two Poster

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We're still months away from season two of 90210.

But the following poster reveals one of the earliest looks at the show's slightly revamped cast, as it heads into the fall of 2009.

As most fans know by now, there are two significant changes on the way:

  1. Dustin Milligan is not returning;
  2. Matt Lanter is now a series regular.

Click on the photo below to enlarge a shot of the latter posing alongside other 90210 cast members:

90210 Season Two Poster

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hey guys it's a fake poster! look at annies clothes they're from the first season poster. it seems to be fan made, the proportions between characters are not ok. it's like they've taken a picture of every one of the guys alone and put them together


I dont think these are going to be the official pictures..coz if u look at the season 1 poster...like what emma said annie and naomi are wearing the exact same thing..annies just in blue..seems like just a photoshop quick job from gossip girl and 90210 just to get some buzz going during the break and will release real posters closer to the new season.. just a thought..


oh and whats with dixons shirt?
its blue on one side and grey on the other ... blue like slivers dress ..
bad pic or clue for the future of season 2?


yep it is similar to gossip girl's promo ...
hmmm naomi is in the front ... :D
sliver looks pretttty :)


hmmm the CW isn't really creative is it? this is nearly identicle to the gossip girl season 3 poster released today...the 90210 is done in blue tones, gossip girl in green...hmmmm and they've used old photos, like is shanaes outfit just photoshopped to be blue? it looks the same as the tan coloured outfit she has in the first season poster...
and hopefully the positioning of annie in the back will be true of next season, she really brings nothing at all to the show, her character needs a massive re-write and shenae needs to go learn some new tricks!


Wait 'til I get "90210: Season 1" on DVD 8/11 cuz I love the new one much way better than the original.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.