Blake Lively: A New York Woman in Film & TV

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In a new black trench by Burberry, the beautiful Blake Lively wrapped her arm around her hairstylist, Jennifer Johnson, at the 2009 NYWIFT’s Designing Women awards held at Manhattan's Clearview Chelsea Cinemas on Wednesday evening.

Here's a photo of the two, plus a close-up of Blake:

Blake Lively, Jennifer Johnson
Gorgeous Blake

The 21-year-old Gossip Girl stunner was one of three special guests (with John Turturro and Sam Waterston). She presented NYWIFT’s Designing Women Award to Jennifer Johnson for her work on Gossip Girl, Saturday Night Live, and My Sassy Girl.

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She did not bring Penn because she was not even there long. But she held a wonderful speech where she thanked Jennifer for being a true friend and for being her dancing partner when Justin Timberlake gets on ;-) Really cute!


really gorgeous ,beautiful beautiful .....


she looked really gorgeous, u guys used bad pics. Loved dark hair.


so purdy!


i dont get it she never goes to events with penn anymore
i know theirs still together but could they not be so much in hidding!!! she looks gorgeous btw


but why everytime same pose? I still think she looks like the barbie in every look


wow,she still pretty in this look,so gorgeous and stunning
BLAKE ,you are really really a beautiful girl


leighton went blonder and it seems like blake went darker. she looks good though + that cute smile.


aa she looks old here. not my fav but still gorgeous thoo

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