Blake Lively Makes a White Hot Style Statement

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Goodbye, New York. Hello, Florida!

On hiatus from Gossip Girl, Blake Lively made a sexy style statement in a body-conscious, ruched dress at the grand opening of the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Here's Blake in her curve-hugging white Christian Cota flock and sapphire patent heels at the Thursday night event. Girl never ceases to impress, fashion-wise:

Blake Lively Style Statement
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Lol...... The nose daz kind of luk like the old.... So it luks like she didnt do the nose job..... The nose just pops up again when she looses weight. N guyz i'm not hating i totally love blake. But she needs 2 gain her weight. She lukd beutiful when she was curvier.


im not in love with this picture. she looks like shes sort of sick? lol . idk. like she looks like she lost a lot of weight and her nose looks like her old nose. idkk. but i agree like shes gorgeous but serena is supposed to be like stunning. so yeah. But i think shes fine for serena because her personality is totally like serenas so i never really minded. but, i do understand why she feels like a tranny sometimes i think. like i dont think she looks like one but i understand why she would feel like that. like i actually do sometimes because my legs are reallyy long. theyre always like idk but yeah. its annoying.


This photo makes her head look Ginormous! lol...


she's beautiful as serena, but here in this pic... not so much. Just saying the truth here :)


I mean shes beautiful but not beautifuller than Leighton.


I'm not 'hating' on her at all, I'm not saying she's ugly or anything because she's not, I just personally don't think she's stunningly beautiful like a lot of other people think. I just agree with what B says, I don't think, looks wise, she's serena.


for sum reason it looks like she's advertising a bathroom tissue commercial
cuz there is one
where u pull a piece of tissue out and the girl wears it as a scarf
just saying..


I don't think she looks that hot in white... I don't like that picture of her


No, she definitely has the ethereal it girl quality. She looks great in white :)


She luks gorgeous(as always). N plz she is perfect 2 play serena. Y do u always hv 2 hate

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