Dominic Monaghan to Join Cast of ABC Series ... Grey's?

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Dominic Monaghan is appearing in ABC's new promo campaign, but according to EW, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Charlie Pace being resurrected on Lost.

But that's what the network wants folks to think.

Why? Because they're trying to keep under wraps the real reason he was playing table soccer with Patrick Dempsey, Courteney Cox, and Ed O'Neill in that clip.

Monaghan is featured in that spot because rather than coming back to Lost, where he starred for three seasons, he's actually joining the cast of another hour-long ABC drama series as a full-time regular. And ABC wants it to be a surprise.

A big surprise.

Dominic Monaghan
Poor Bambi

Our question: Why on earth wouldn't ABC want people to know which of its shows' casts would be augmented by Dominic Monaghan, a popular actor from Lost, and also the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the summer blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

  • Could it be because the show Monaghan is joining is none other than Grey's Anatomy, and making the announcement could spoil the show's summer cliffhanger?
  • Could Monaghan be taking over the role of George O'Malley from T.R. Knight, or playing a new character altogether that ABC nonetheless wants to keep secret?

We have no evidence to suggest this is actually happening other than what you just read above. It's just a rumor, and we are just throwing that out there. Thoughts?

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For the record, I do believe Izzie is all out of story after this season, so I won,t cry if she does. I won't leave the show if she does, but I will leave if George does.


I totally disagree. There is so much left for them to do with George. I want to see his recovery. I want to see him find love. I want to see him fight to go back to medecine and prove to everyone he really isn't 007 anymore. That's the thing. If I believed there was nothing more for George to do, I would agree. However, of all the characters, he is the one I feel has the more left to write. They could have done so much with him all year, but they didn't. If that was his last season on the show, I will never forgive Shonda for backburnering him all season, for trashing his connection with Izzie, for destroying his friendship with Lexie and for treating him like some glorified extra. He should have been allowed to be there for Izzie. We should have seen the effects of his failing the exam on him. We should have seen him deal with everything he went through before. There was so much to do and she wasted it even though all the fans begged her to write for George. Instead we got Lexie and the cutting interns, stupid Sadie, suddenly lesbian Callie. I will never forgive Shonda for this, and if this was TR's last episode, it was mine too.


if TR is gone, then TR is gone. For everyone from an original cast with one as large as Grey's to be able to stay on a show for its entirety is just not always doable. George O'Malley was a great character, but if its his time to go its his time to go. Same for Katherine Heigl's character. I'm not knocking them sticking around, but seriously if there is no more character development to give, then what's the point? And I somehow doubt Monoghan will be joining the Grey's cast. although him as the new head of cardiothorasics would be funny as hell. Just imagine the fights Christina Yang and the Hobbit will get into! HA!


I just want to see the list of confirmed regulars for next season. As the writers go back to work on it tomorrow I hope we get that list soon. I know it will get me all sorts of hell, but I won't be upset if TRK and KH were not on the roster. I do hope that Jessica Capshaw is back permanently though. She has been a breath of fresh air this season.


Rumor has it that he's actually joining Flash Forward and not Grey's. However, I'd LOVE to see him in Grey's but definitely as a new character. I tried to watch Lost (since the pilot) but never managed to understand anything. Still, I enjoyed him on Chuck. I like him. I honestly think that TR being replaced was never really an option to Shonda since the beginning and a fan's comment went a long mile to this. I wouldn't worry much in that case. It is very well known that no fan (or critic for that matter) would be ok with this option so I seriously doubt that Shonda (no matter if she hates him or not) would do this and commit show suicide. @amber, KH already made comments implying she's staying on the show (notice that I said implied). So that's that. I honestly rather have George living because I want to see his recovery as a storyline. I'd love that. PS. The GA and PP writers went back to work today. :)


If TR leaves, I'm finding a new show to watch. I won't watch this new guy as new George or anyone else.


I guess TR is leaving for sure, so it is goodbye for me. Shonda must be pissing in her pants. She did all this so people would wonder who is going to live or die all season, and now everyone knows George will die and Izzie will live. The woman can't even keep a cliffhanger under wraps. It,s good that I know though so now I can tune out of Grey right now and not even watch the season premiere. I'll be so glad if the ratings crash after what Shonda did to Gizzie and to my George. Bye-bye Grey.


I know, why are all the rumors about George all the time? To be honest, I love both George and Izzie. Gizzie is my favorite couple, but since I hate Alex and Izzie and think Izzie has had way too much airtime this season, I'd much rather she die than George. I adore George. When I watch, he is always the ones I look for and wehn he gets a scene, they are always the ones that stay with me when the show is over. If George is recasted, it would be like he died, because it wouldn't be the real George. I want George to live and I want TR to play him. I don't know why Shonda is being so difficult about this. She said she would do what we wanted. Well we want George to live and we want TR to play him. She should get whatever issues she has with him, grow the heck up and give us our George back. If she doesn't, I won't be watching Grey anymore.


I noticed that their is nothing about Katherine higel leaving the show or Izzie Getting off so that must mean that Izzie is staying and George is going cause i have read is that T.R. Knight is leaving the show but nothing about Izzie


TR is absolutely perfect as George. No other actor could play George better. I also think it would be a terrible mistake to kill George when he has so much left to offer. I hope Shonda makes TR an offer he can't refuse. I think a really good storyline would work. It would make everyone happy.

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