Drake LaBry: Dating Adam Lambert!

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Adam Lambert lost American Idol to Kris Allen.

But it looks like the singer has won over the heart of Drake LaBry.

Following weeks of speculation over Lambert's sexual preference, the eighth season runner-up didn't make a spectacle out of the announcement; he simply never hid his homosexual tendencies during the competition and then quietly came out of the closet by leaving a West Hollywood club last night, holding hands with LaBry for all to see.

We admire how he went about it.

Drake LaBry

Open your eyes, Drake LaBry. You're gonna need to get used to the spotlight now.

According to witnesses, Adam and Drake arrived at the Guys and Dolls nightclub with several others, including Sophia Bush. They reportedly danced to songs such as "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga before leaving a little after 2 a.m.

Sources even said Lambert talked openly about a collaboration with Lady GaGa. Now that would be a sight to see!

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Hey Suzy Q are you for real? I am straight, married, 2 babies, and I'm totally over the moon crazy about Adam Lambert. I will pay BIG bucks to buy his music and to see him perform live. I live in the midwest. I grew up here. I hope Adam and Drake are really enjoying the ride! Adam worked so hard to get where he is. Mainstream is changing thank God and everyone better get used to it. Go Adam...... congratulations.... I love you man...


Suzy Q - get a clue!! FYI - the Midwest loooooves Adam. We will buy his cds & concert tickets. Talent is talent and Adam has it in spades. His appeal is ageless and genderless.


Suzy Q you are wrong - I'm as straight as they come and I'm first in line to give Adam LOTS of my money for his performances and for his music. and I'm just one person. I can assure you there are millions and millions more. Sure there are some people who won't because of their conservative nature, but don't generalize that. The man is an international sensation.


There were pictures of him in drag. French kissing another guy. Several different pictures of him french kissing the same guy on different days. A youtube video of him saying that kissing a girl on stage was not his preference. For goodness sakes he pecked matt giraud and Kris allen on camera while hugging them. He has attended and performed in leather with men and admitted to hanging out and being in the gayest places in hollywood. During american idol a silver painted man in suspenders was in his friends and family group during the performance. He is a makeup wearing, musical theatre loving, fashion obsessed hollywood guy that paints his nails. And yet there is a gay controversy? People arent sure what to make of his "ambiguous"sexuality. The only surprise to me were the rumors that he was bisexual I didn't see one xgirlfriend come out of the woodwork and say that he was not gay. Nor did I see any makeout videos or kissing pictures of him frenching the same girl. So does this effect his obvious talent and star quality no. Does this affect his main stream appeal. Yes. He has a future making millions on broadway and becoming idolized by the gay crowd. He will have his 15 minutes. Maybe he should accept the offer to front Queen as a special guest and fill up his bank account. But as far as being a legitmate rock star and selling cd's to the demographic who is usually a target of straight men and women who usually buys this kind of music. Good luck. Maybe he should stick to opera's and disco's and maybe trendy pop.


Oh, for heaven's sake!!!!!!!!!!! Adam is gay and nobody cares. Why are we still insisting that he might NOT be gay when we know he is??? Leave it alone, accept the fact and grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!