Ed Westwick Heats Up Red Carpet

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Try to contain yourselves, ladies.

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick made an appearance on the red carpet at the UK Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London yesterday, and to say the 21-year-old actor was looking hot is probably an understatement. Smoldering may be more like it.

Here's the man we love as Chuck Bass ...

Smoldering Ed Westwick

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lol woww, he's so gorgeoussss


OMFG. I literally had to look away for a second after seeing this, that's how seriously hot it made me. Ah Westwick... he is alternately smoking hot and severely non-photogenic, but I want him, nonetheless.

Chace crawford is a lesbian



awwww....what a look...gorgeous :X
love him!!!!!


U know I always wondered... when Chuck fell apart after his dad died why didn't he have facial hair??? I mean his hair went to hell like he wasn't taking care of himself but he still shaved?? I would have loved to see some scruff on the show.


He's fug.
even with facial hair.

Vanessa fun

he is hot...lucky jessica! i love them in real life!


this guy just keeps looking better and better. did his hair get lighter?


Wow - he looks fantastic.


Sorry, i had to take a moment to take a cold shower. OH MY EFFING GOD HE IS SO HOT


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