Ellen Pompeo: Excited For Motherhood

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Ellen Pompeo is ready to be a mom!

"She is so on top of it, and she is so excited and she is very sweet about it," Grey's Anatomy co-star Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) told Us Weekly at an event at the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday. "She is doing all her research."

Capshaw - who had her first child, Luke, in September 2007 - says she hasn't had to give any parenting advice to her pregnant co-star.

"She doesn't need any," the actress tells Us. "She is exactly the way that she should be about it, which is really excited and hopeful but at the same time really pragmatic and planning."

"I think that is the best way for her to be."

Pregnant Ellen

Ellen Pompeo, 39, announced in April that she and her music producer husband of a year and a half, Chris Ivery, are expecting their first child.

Capshaw - who stars as Dr. Arizona Robbins in the hit ABC series - doesn't know if her pregnancy will be written into next season's show, and she's equally unaware if T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl will return (rhe two appeared to have died in the season finale).

"No one knows!" Capshaw says.

She adds: "[Show creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes] is keeping it under wraps, and I think the best thing about that is she is the guardian of the gate. It's better that way. She doesn't even run the risk of it coming out because nobody knows."

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I really want Ellen's pregnancy to be written into the show because well i just love merder's relationship and i would really like for derek to become a father. Also i get really tingly when something like that will happen to my two favorite characters. That happened when they got married in the locker room. That's why i want it to be written in but she will be like six months allready when the show comes back on. It should say that they went on a honeymoon and she got pregnant. And a flashback should come in the first episode of season six of her telling derek! That would make me feel AWESOME!!!!


she's so beautiful...I hope that she's pregnant in her role as meredith...of course derek is the father...it's so cute to find out what will happen to them.


ofc she's excited, which soon to be mother wouldn't be excited? at least i can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be


I want so much that shonda write the pregnancy for MerDer, it would be a incredible story for them... My fingers are crossed. Please if you want a McBaby in S6 sign here http://www.petitiononline.com/... we need more signatures, come on merder fans :) Thanks


I don't think they'll write it in, like anuflas said, it wouldn't exactly fit. Because of Ellen being so far gone when the show is back.
I think that they should wait a while before Meredith is pregnant, well, at least until halfway through Season 6 anyway. That's defintiely long enough.


I think that if they were going to write it into the show, they should've done it around ELL when she started to show. Right now it's kinda impossible since by the finale there where no news of a MerDer pregnancy and by the time that the show returns, Ellen is going to be around 6 months pregnant, so yeah, they'll spend the next couple of months hiding her bump :) I do want a MerDer pregnancy. I refuse to believe that all the baby talk that there was in season 5 was for nothing more than to see that Mer was ready for commitment. One can only hope...


i kinda hope they write it into the show and i kinda dont. i think it would be an interesting story line but if i was her i would want to keep it to my self like chyler lee did


I'm very happy for her. I hope everything goes well. Pregnancy has come good for Ellen, she looks great!


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