Gossip Girl Caption Contest 54

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Welcome to the 54th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest. This week's winner is nanana. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to GG Dork, Missy06, Kami and Blair Cornelia Archibald. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week ...

The New Couple

Blair: WTF?! Who killed Vanessa???
Nate: Who cares.

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Forever chair xo

Blair: What did you say it was called again?
Nate: A subway, I think.
Blair: Like the restaurant?
Nate: Yeah, I guess.
Blair: And you ride on it?
Nate: Mhm.


Blair: Oh dear God. Are you seriously wearing a pink suit, Chuck?!
Nate: And I'm supposed to be the clueless one!


Blair: Nate, why is there a hobo following us?
Nate: What? No! That's just Vanessa going for an early morning jog!


Nate: What's wrong, Blair?
Blair: Gossip Girl just found out that I'm still inlove with Chuck while I'm still with you. Why so sad, Nate?
Nate: Gossip Girl Girl just found out that I have a small...


LoL good one missy06!


"hot N and queen B, together for better or for worst..hmm.. theres must be something shocky.." B : OHHH MY..
N : crap !
B : come on N, we have to know what's in there !
N : let's go!


Leighton: OMG, the Season 3 spoilers! It's...Dan and SERENA?! Dan and VANESSA?!? Dan and LILY?!?!
Chace: And I thought I was a man-whore....WOW.


those captions are totally funny
lmao right now
but i liked GG dork and Kami the best. they rocked it


Blair-And how is looking like this supposed to stimulate Less wrinkles nate? Nate- Blair trust me okay i've had this look on my face all season and no wrinkles!


I love iamblairwaldorf.blairwaldorfisme's at the top of the page!

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