Gossip Girl Forum Rules and Restrictions

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Given the increased number of complaints we have received about some of the content of our Gossip Girl forum, we have put together a rules page. If you are a forum user please take the time to review this, as well as the message to you below.

We want you to enjoy this forum, get to know each other and have a blast. The Insider does not ever wish to restrict its

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punctilious post. upright one unimportant where I bicker with it. I am emailing you in detail.


where are yo rulez now >:D




Hi friends! How are you? I'm Chris from the UK! Really enjoy your community! You are great! Just continue like that.... BingoChris


Hi friends! Just want to say hello! I'm Chris from the UK! I'm reading here for a few weeks! This is a great community! Just continue like that.... Chris


thank god. i can't even stand to look at the forums here
you all behave like a bunch of immature idiots :/


yesss finally omg i've been boycotting this website because of all the shit...


megan fox does not approve....


Great :)


Rules are made to be broken....


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