Gossip Girl: Season Three Promotional Poster

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Is it August 31 yet? Below is a promotional poster from the CW, hyping the third season of Gossip Girl, featuring what's gotta be the hottest cast on TV.

Here's Jessica Szohr (V), Chace Crawford (N), Leighton Meester (B), Ed Westwick (C), Blake Lively (S), Penn Badgley (D) and Taylor Momsen (J) ...

Gossip Girl Cast: Season 3 Poster

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(hint that I liked their looks from Season 1 better)


Leighton looks so deliciously bitchy and awesome, lmao, and Taylor looks beautiful, as do Blake and Jessica of course. No need to say the guys are hot, amirite?


I love Taylors dress!!


yea i do think its photo shopped
but i want old jenny hair back! b/c with new jenny hair i cant see the old jenny


Very photo shopped !!!! But I'm still super psyched !!!!!


of course it's old promo pics!!!!! new promo pics are only taken once a season actually starts filming i.e. june so that what the characters look like on the show mirrors how they look in the promo pics. dont u remember how it was much later in the summer that the 'OMG' posters leaked because they used a hot of nate with catherine? besides that, they definitely can't take promo photos right now while leighton is blonde.
also ed/chuck in the middle is prob the biggest in a long string of blows to the supposed 'main' actors of GG. this places him at equal importance to leighton and blake. chace and penn were originally meant to be the main male actors.
i'm not complaining. his acting far surpasses theirs.
also i can't wait to see ed as chuck. if he keeps going at this rate, he's going to have a diff look every season. and the look he's rocking right now is fantastic!


i actually like the color scheme, but leighton looks pissed and ed is wayyyy to far back, but he is in the middle:) Please bring tay back in season 3 looking that she does in this pic lol


whateverrrr, you know theyre going to have more posters to come =p at least it looks nice, it doesnt look ugly.

Chair4eva sk

Ew. Chafe has a weird mini beard. Yuck


If you look at there hair I think it looks like old pictures.


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