Heroes Rumor: A Lesbian Storyline for Claire?

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Heroes has already aired a storyline in which Hiro thinks he's a 10-year old.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the series - which jumped over the shark so long ago, it can now scarcely see the ocean - is desperate enough to be considering a bit of girl-on-girl action for Claire Bennet.

This rumor has started to circulate due to the announcement that Rachel Melvin has been tapped to guest star next season as Claire's roommate. That would be fine and all, except The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Melvin will be playing a character named Annie...

"who will share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire."

Maybe more? Really, NBC?!?

Days of Our Lives Star
Cold Claire

Of course, the description could simply be referring to a special ability (or, heck, breakfast), but it's a lot more fun to speculate about a possible hook-up.

Melvin, who left Days of Our Lives in March after four years on the show, recently earned her second Daytime Emmy nomination.

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Lesbian...SOOOO stoopid! Ruined it for me! RUINED! I don't even care about season 5 now! ok I do care but still!!! They should do like Firefly and make a Serenity...


This ruins the entire show for me! No Mohinda! Now this get your act together heroes!




i really don't need to see any lez action. that would make me stop watching the show and though i love hayden, it would ruin my perception of her!


I really hope that they don't go this route!! It will not make the show more enticing. It's lame and will be like an ugly zit on the face of a beauty queen!


Seriously, do you people really read things and always take them as facts? Considering how quickly the quality of the show peaked again as soon as Bryan Fuller returned, why the hell would they create a lesbian love story with Claire? Talk about reading into one line too much. It's bloody obvious the "maybe more" is referring to the girl haven't a super-power. This news story was deliberately sensationalised for the sake of hits, and it clearly worked.


Is Rachel Melvin going to be a villain? I think they're trying to put a twist to Claire's character from the whinny high-school cheerleader to a sexier college roommate storyline. It's because too many people got sick of Claire's "I wanna be normal, I don't want this" attitude. Well here's her chance to redeem herself from the anti-Claire Heroes fans.


But then it'd be like Sylar vs Petrellis fight: we wouldn't get to see the show at all. So there would be no point!


Wow. I never thought of that. A mind controller would be quite a good talent for a female villain, and using it to rape Claire would be quite unsettling for her.


So many people are actually asking writers to phase Claire out because she's annoying as hell (both the actress and the character). Let's face it: giving her a love affair with a chick makes it the first time anyone (if only the 12-15years old male geek audience) is looking forward at all for her storyline... If writers were really that desperate about getting audience back they'd probably make Peter godly again (like a huge majority of their fans are begging them to do) way before turning Claire into a lesbian sex toy. Just because her roommate is a lesbian/bisexual doesn't mean that Claire will definitely be in for some "experimentation". She can always say "no thanks" unless that chick has some mind manipulation power or something...

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