Heroes Rumor: A Lesbian Storyline for Claire?

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Heroes has already aired a storyline in which Hiro thinks he's a 10-year old.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the series - which jumped over the shark so long ago, it can now scarcely see the ocean - is desperate enough to be considering a bit of girl-on-girl action for Claire Bennet.

This rumor has started to circulate due to the announcement that Rachel Melvin has been tapped to guest star next season as Claire's roommate. That would be fine and all, except The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Melvin will be playing a character named Annie...

"who will share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire."

Maybe more? Really, NBC?!?

Days of Our Lives Star
Cold Claire

Of course, the description could simply be referring to a special ability (or, heck, breakfast), but it's a lot more fun to speculate about a possible hook-up.

Melvin, who left Days of Our Lives in March after four years on the show, recently earned her second Daytime Emmy nomination.

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The mysterious suicide refers to the audience, following shortly after the lesbian story begins.


Kring recently revealed some details about the show’s upcoming plots and themes in his latest “Heroes All Access� newsletter.
Kring says Claire will be at the “forefront� of this issue. She’ll be attending college in D.C. and dealing with her parents’ split and a “mysterious� suicide on campus


by 'maybe more' I think they mean its her half sister or something. I bet Nathan sowed his oats all over the place!


Sigh. Its rather offensive towards actual lesbians that the fetish is used by networks to manipulate audiences. It gives totally the wrong impression of them. Yet another superficial girl-on-girl waste of time


They can't be serious!
This would destroy the show for me.

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