Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... and a Divorce Date?

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Parents of eight Jon and Kate Gosselin have gotten more attention from celebrity gossip sites and magazines for their scandalous exploits in the past month than their harmless and heartwarming reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, ever did in its previous four seasons.

Affairs (on both sides), visits from the cops, much-debated spankings, anniversaries spent apart - how much more can the Gosselins and their brood possibly endure?

Maybe not much.

The embattled couple will make a special announcement on the June 22 episode, and from the looks of the somber preview below, it's not going to be a happy one.

Check out the promo and click here to read more about the Jon and Kate announcement ...

[video url="/videos/jon--kate-plus-8-announcement/" title="Jon & Kate Plus 8 Announcement"] [/video]

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Total crap. This entire situation was contrived by the producers of the show to generate ratings. The only thing that's real about so-called reality shows is the stench that they dump on the culture.


Oh would this show and people please just go away already! Why does anyone care about these people? They are ruining their kids lives all because they are attention whores. I could care less if they divorce or make it work, I do hope their show ends, they have to sell that oversized house, and have to get real jobs and take care of those kids themselves! Enough already!!!!!