Justin Chambers Wants T.R. Knight to Stay on Grey's Anatomy

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Is he staying? Is he going?

The debate goes on (and on, and on). But you can count Justin Chambers among those who don't want T.R. Knight to leave the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

"T.R. is an amazing actor and I want him to be there as long as I'm on there," said Chambers, who plays Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy, to E! Online the other night at the Salvatore Ferragamo benefit for L'Aquila Earthquake victims. "He's wonderful to work with."

Besides, T.R.'s character, Dr. George O'Malley, has so much growing to do.

"That's one of the great things about the show," Justin Chambers said.

"All the characters have so much left to explore. From the beginning of the series, the audience followed these young interns coming into this hospital and now they're residents ... but they still have much more to learn as far as surgery, social skills and manners."

For her part, former Grey's Anatomy guest star Melissa George said she's not convinced that Knight is leaving the show he's been on since its 2005 premiere.

No matter what happens, she said, "He'll go on to bigger and better things."

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I want TR to stay. Justin is right, I have followed these characters from the beginning. I want TR and KH both to stay. It just won't be the same without them. Sure I will continue to watch, but with some sadness if they are gone. For me Grey's is the #1 show on tv and it is because of these great people playing these great characters and lets not forget Shonda and the writers. I am a very busy working mom and I always make time for Grey's Anatomy.


At first,I'm sorry for my english,but I'm french and it's complicated for me.
So,I want Izzie and George stay.They're nice characters in Grey's anatomy and I like them.I think Justin's right.
And I'm fond of Izzie/Alex relationship.I haven't seen the 5 season yet(it will begin in september in France) but I know they got married.And it makes me happy.I think they are made for each other.But it's only what I think and I respect that you think (if you're fan of Gizzie).
But I prefer Izzie and George's friend relationship.
Finally,I'd like the two stay,really.


I like both Alex and George, LOL. Good to see you do too, Greysaddiction. I don't like Alex and Izzie. I just don't feel them, but I do love Alex. I like him more than I do Izzie. I'm a Gizzie fan, but I also love George more than Izzie. I love the love-hate he and George have. They clearly have some respect for each other deep down. That's why they get so much to each other. I also love Justin and TR very much. They're my two favorite actors on the show. Not all the George-Gizzie fans hate Alex. I sure don't.


OK, just to clarify.. I agree w/ Farrah's post 99%-- the missing 1% is b/c Alex does nothing for her (which is fine-- that is her opinion, I respect it!), but I actually do love the character of Alex Karev.


I agree 100% with Farrah's post-- she did express some things that I think I wasn't able to :) Aubrey-- I, too, LOVE the George and Alex relationship! :) I love the tension, the sweeter moments, the silent respect b/t them, the angst, the jealous tension... I love it all. And I love George most of all the characters b/c he is such a great character... he is so good, so true and all of the ways in which he is flawed is so relatable and human and just enjoyable to watch. And TR is just amazing. His acting can break your heart for George. It can raise you up and applaud for George. His expression, his eyes, his ability to say so much w/o uttering a word... all that is TR's reflection... his way of making George shine and really making him real. I also love Alex and I love his sweet moments, I love how he has grown, and I love his angsty messy reality. I've always loved how the two of them both love Izzie so. I believe George loves her best... and I also believe that Izzie would choose George above Alex... but I've also always loved how BOTH of them have always loved her and all that means between them, combined with their mutual respect for each other and mutual dislike for each other all rolled into one-- makes their dynamic one of my faves on the show. And it's one that does not have to be overdone, or overstated, either... it's always there and always fascinating to watch, IMO. And again, I'll reiterate-- I agree 100% with everything that Farrah said. Perfectly said.


George needs to stay. He's the only reason I'm still watching. I also agre that Izzie loves Alex, but is not in love with him. Katie doesn't play it like she is. She played Izzie as totally in love with George. I'll accept if George and Izzie don't get back together, but I absolutely want their friendship back. The fact their friendship was ignored is one of the main reasons I missed most of the episodes this season. George and Izzie are essential to the fab 5. It's the fab 5, not 4 or 3. I was just wondering does anyone else but me like the George and Alex relationship?


Justin rocks. He's so right. TR's an amazing actor, and he needs to stay. George's the heart of Grey.


George was married, hence not safe at all. It was clear to me Izzie was in love with him way before he got married. In fact, I believed she was in love with both Denny and George when Denny was alive. Her jealousy of Callie back in season 2 and the joy in her face when George showed up made it obvious. I think Denny even saw it when she kept talking about George. To me it is obvious Gizzie is the couple Shonda loves, but she chose to listen to the haters instead of us. She just writes their connection so much deeper and their scenes with so much more tenderness than Alex and Izzie. I love Justin, but I hate Alex. I did like him when he was with Addison and I love the few times he was nice with George. I think he had sufficient airtime this season, so I don't want him to get more. He had more than Derek, the lead guy. I don't want him backburnered like he was the three first seasons either, because Justin is too talented for that. They should keep his airtime as it is. Now TR is the one in desperate need of more airtime if Shonda wants to ever persuade him to stay. That recovery story is a golden opportunity. George to me is the character we can all relate to. He's so human and interesting. He also brings so much humor and heart to the show. Shonda promised she would do what was best for the fans, and reading the different boards, that is definitely using George and giving TR something to do. Letting him go would be a horrible mistake. She needs to at least make Izzie and George best friends again and restore George's connection with the others. I want the Alex and George's friendship explored a lot more. I also want George to become the best trauma surgeon and finally get rid of that unfair 007 nickname. If we can think of so many things to do for TR and Shonda can't, then maybe she is not the right person for the show.


I think some GI fans brought the AI thing in because an Alex fan brought it in first. They seemed to be replying to that. I also think that a lot of George and Gizzie fans did mention how much they adore Justin and how grateful they are to his comments. I don't hate Alex, but I don't like him either. He just does absolutely nothing for me, never has. It's not a question of perfection or not. It's a question of appeal. I for one don't get how anyone could not like George (although most seem to), but I respect the fact that some don't. I don't think you can really rationalize why you like a certain character or couple, and not another. I have just loved George from the very first moment, and this love has never gone away. I think George is a beautiful person inside and out with very human mistakes, and his mistakes make him even more lovable to me. I think he's a great person, but I don't think he is perfect or want him to be. TDS, I very much respect your love for Alex and Izzie. You are one of the most respectful and nice fans around. I just don't see it. Izzie to me doesn't look at Alex with the same all-encompassing love she did with Denny and George. I also disagree about the happiness part. The rare moments she and Denny and she and George were allowed to be happy, she never radiated more joy. Think about the bench scene with George or the one after he told her he loved her too. Izzie just glowed, and I have yet to see her so happy with Alex. I think the selfishness part came from the fact George was married, a marriage that was a mistake for me. If she were to divorce Alex and he was alone and they would find their way back to each other in a few months, there wouldn't need to be any selfishness because they both would be free. The circumstances is what made Izzie be that way, so they just need to change them and put them together the good way. I also thought that George definitely brought Izzie's sweeter side out, with her patients and just in general. Izzie can be a bit harsh at times and George softened her. I miss that. They loved each other so unconditionally, and their love was so so pure and still is somehow after watching the finale. I just never saw that with AI or never believed she was in love with him. After all, she told him she loved him, not that she was in love with him.


That was so sweet of Justin to say :-) and I love Melissa George's comment.


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