Leighton Meester at the MTV Movie Awards

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Now this is what we call a Gossip Girl fashion statement! Check out Leighton Meester looking absolutely gorgeous at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday evening.

The actress who plays Blair Waldorf dressed to impress in a daring Emilio De La Morena dress with purple Brian Atwood ankle boots. We think she nailed it ...

Leighton Fashion Pic
Leighton at the MTV Movie Awards

The beauty and fashion savvyness that is Leighton Meester.

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i think for once she wanted to dress sexy and crazy. she pulled it off. wow look at that ass


I don't like her dress at all!!! P.S. Here's some interesting info and pics about her style and fashion


I think she looks stunning, love the hair here!
The dress looks perfect on her, love it!


reminds me of the screen caps of her sextape!


Cool Gossip Girl MTV Movie Awards!


I sure won't hate on her looks or what she's wearing 'cause it's stunning. Honestly I love the whole outfit the dress I wouldn't wear because I wouldn't like how it would fit me but on her it looks so pretty and those boots I sure would love to wear them.


absolutely awesome...great body and face too...and a perfect attitude :D


I think she looks very nice as both blonde and brunette, but i wasnt loving the eye make up. And yes if anyone else was wearing that dress you guys will call them names. wtv.


I liked the top but the bottom is really trashy. And goodness the shoes are terrible. Big nono


bahahaha bet she thinks shes so cool doesnt she?

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