Leighton Meester & Cobra Starship: "Good Girls Go Bad" Video

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Finally! Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester looks fantastic in the new music video for Cobra Starship’s song “Good Girls Go Bad,” and she songs great on it too!

Leighton's appearance in the video and on the track has gotten a lot of publicity lately, and in our opinion at least, the actress sure lives up to all the hype.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/cobra-starship-feat-leighton-meester-good-girls-go-bad-music-vid/" title="Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester: Good Girls Go Bad Music Video"][/video]

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ooo, Leighton's got some vocals on her :)
Very addictive song!


I loooooooooove Leighton. And she looks SO Blair-ish in the beginning, I love it


shes awesome! shes officially my fav celeb! :]


Leighton is sooo georgeous,it's awesome!!!I love this song!!


This video is great; Gabe Saporta is AMAZING! :)

Meester fan01

Gotta Love Leighton... Multi-talented :)


COBRA STARSHIP ROCKS! and leighton is as beautiful as always!


Chair4life that is exactly what I was saying, she need not go out in public coz the sex tape is doing all the publicity for her. Now, gossip-mongrel and tabloid-reading people are looking her up in goggle. Tsk! She's talented though.


Leighton looks great, but I hate those white glasses. They would be okay if he didn't try to flaunt them in every single scene.

Rena jae

I think the video is cute, but should have been better executed. I saw Leighton and Cobra talk about on It's on With Alexa Chung or whatever and the idea sounded so cool, but I think I would have been confused while watching it if hadn't heard them talk about the premise. Bottom line is Leighton is amazing in it, though.


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