Luke Conley: The New (Overweight) Bachelor

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Forget the sculpted abs of Jason Mesnick.

Luke Conley is bringing the girth to reality dating.

This 26-year-old former college football player is the star of Fox's More to Love, a Bachelor-esque series that focuses on plus-size individuals.

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Conley is now a real estate investor, stands 6'3" tall and weighs over 300 pounds. According to a Fox press release, he's looking for a woman who is "intelligent, passionate, down-to-earth, full-figured and comfortable in her own skin."

Those 20 ladies, of course, will also be larger than the typical reality TV suitor. They have occupations that range from a plus-sized model to a lawyer to a rocket scientist.

More to Love, hosted by full-figured supermodel Emme, debuts Tuesday, July 28.

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i would like to know how Luke is doing with the one he picked.
is it working


Hello, I just joined and I am looking forward to participating as my sister has been battling a serious weight problem her entire life and I have seen first hand the effects this battle can have on a person. I will catch up on some reading and will join in soon.


Yeahhhhhh! For More to love producers . Its about time someone had a plus size dating show. However might I suggest a plus size woman to be the chooser next time. That would be ground breaking. (im single by the way myself) But I'm sure you'd want someone younger (44, but look 30) . Anyhow. I LOVE LUKE, if he were into older women, I'd be there for sure. I think he is down to earth, caring, and HOT. As for the ladys, I think you are all brave for going on television. I know how hard that must be. Just because we aren't a size 4 doesn't mean we aren't :Beautiful, smart, funny and sexy. Guys need to realize this and get over themselves with thinking if you not skinny you aren't beautiful. Good luck to all. And Luke if you don't find Ms Right.. Im single and in Georgia , Karen :)


I think More To Love is a wonderful show. As a full-figured woamn, I remember all the "jerks" who didn't give me a chance because I was a "big girl". I am now happily married to a skinny man, who loves me because there is "More to Love."
I think Luke is handsome and very charming. Good Luck ladies.

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