Major 90210 Casting News: Trevor Donovan as Teddy

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You've been hearing about Teddy for weeks.

Now, you can finally feast your eyes on the actor that will take on this new 90210 role in the fall.

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that former Abercrombie & Fitch model, and former Days of Our Lives star, Trevor Donovan has been cast as this new, exciting character.

Trevor Donovan Photo

The hunky actor played Jeremy Horton on the NBC soap opera for four months in 2007. Now, he'll debut early in season two as Teddy, West Beverly’s version of George Clooney and JFK Jr. rolled into one.

The character is supposedly handsome, intelligent, athletic, charming, and naturally confident. He's rumored to start a romance with Silver.

What do you think of this casting decision? Let us know in our 90210 forum!

Trevor Donovan Image
Trevor Donovan Picture
Trevor Donovan Shirtless

What do you think, ladies? Are you glad Trevor Donovan is now on 90210? Click on each photo above for a larger version.

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OMG!! hes so NASTY!! his face is making puke
whats wrong with 90210 team
i hate him hes so gross..


yummy he is hotty


Yikes I just got hot flashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get this man in my living room once a week. Ok i'm setting the tivo now


I'm in LUST with TEDDY! I'm having a 90210 night at my house. Bring your drool nap for Trevor viewing


me and my friend hates him...he looks old...


umm... nice abs... but.. the face wants to make me puke. brutal honesty.




gross...what were they thinking!! 90210 going down hill....!!


LAME.he is 30 playing a 17 year old..can you say petafile status!!! eww.. i feel like he needs to be a tennis instructor taht goes to jail for hooking up with underage girls!!!!!


... Not to mention, he looks like a damn neanderthal.

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