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As previously reported, Ethan is out on 90210 and Teddy is in.

Wait... who?!?

TV Guide has described the new 90210 character as a former West Beverly student with a George Clooney-like charm. In our show forum, fans are speculating that this is the individual in the car that pulled up behind Annie's hit-and-run scene to close last season.

90210 Poster

The original 90210 cast, in the very first network-produced poster.

Now, we're come across the following casting notice. It goes into great detail about this mysterious new character:

Male, 18 or older to play high school. Gorgeous, smart, athletic, easy going GOLDEN BOY....he should be Ralph Lauren style handsome with natural confidence and a sense of humor. Teddy is West Beverly's very own JFK, Jr. Teddy has the uncanny ability to make any girl feel like she's the most beautiful woman in the room. This, however, is not a dating ploy.

Everything about Teddy is genuine and sincere. Affable and good-natured, Teddy is the guy everyone wants around. He possesses the much needed effervescence in an otherwise teen angst filled world. He's modest, but confident sptv050769. And comfortable speaking his mind. He carries himself with an ease that not so surprisingly leads the world to open up for him. Athletic - surfing and tennis experience a plus. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR.

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i looooooooooove 90210 sertenly matt lanter(liam) and all of them r great


I dont want any new cast members i want ethan 2 stay on the show is that so hard to comprehend


OMG I hope this guy hooks up with naomi coz seriously, she needs a guy who isn't a jerk! Liam was good but why did he have to sleep with her sis! I hate jen and hope she goes. Also if the guy is gay then I want Liam to apologise to Naomi and for her to find out what happens. And seriously Naomi is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy prettier than Annie but Annie gets guys soo quickly, Naomi proper has to work to get a guy like Liam and on the other hand Annie gets Ethan immediately after she arrives in BH! It is sooooo annoying and so is her character but I liked her in the latter episodes of s1 and felt soooooooooo bad for her!
Anyway love Naomi she is rocks!


I hope he's hott. I can't wait for this guy.


Basically then he is 'Steve Sanders v2.0'.


he sounds to perfect, and we all know perfect gets boring very very quickly. exhibit a: annie. though she's more irritating than boring...


I hope is gay!! seriously every girls have a crush on him it's just too much!!
Plus silver crush on him? let me laugh silver!! she dated with dixon after ethan and her kissing and now she have a crush on teddy?! just LAME I want silver with dixon or Explore the triangle dixon/silver/ethan but we don't need to introduce a new character!! Sixon

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.