A Major Heroes Death: Confirmed!

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Before we get to the latest Heroes spoiler news, we feel the need to clear up a misconception:

Based on a handful of critical posts related to this show, a few readers have labeled us as "haters" of Heroes. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We simply watched the first season in awe and have grown more and more depressed with each passing, disappointing volume since. Like a good American questions his country, we aren't gonna sit idly by and accept the demise of Heroes.

Good Luck, Tracy

Heroes tried, and failed, to kill off Ali Larter. Who will be next?

Ratings have plummeted; the show was barely renewed last year; Tim Kring himself has admitted that he's lost track of the series and is writing for characters he never thought would still be alive. So, come on, people.

Instead of blindingly accepting whatever Heroes airs each week, why not join us in challenging the show to return to its roots?

We've heard that producers and writers often check Heroes forums around the Web to gauge fan reaction. Head over there. Converse will fellow followers. Be pro-active!

After all, E! News has certainly given us something to discuss: the site reports that an "original castmember is leaving Heroes for good before the end of the coming season."

Who do you think it will be?!?

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Let us not forget that while Nathan is technically dead, he's not gone for good. So I say it had better be Nathan. I'm really sorry to all his fans out there, but I didn't find him that strong of a character to begin with, and making it a choice between a so-so char like Nathan and a strong awesome char like Sylar... it's not even much of a question for me. I'm hoping it's Nathan!!!!
Logically, then, if it doesn't end up being Nathan (crosses fingers), I think it's either going to be Hiro(obviously), or Ando for purposes of Hiro's character development. I know that sounds horrible, but looking at it from a purely unemotional standpoint those two would be the most logical choices. Of course, if we're placing Bucket Bets, just to be contrary I say that Noah Bennet is going to kick it. I've been thinking he was next ever since season one, so my money is still partially on him.
But as I said, I hope it's Nathan. (again, I apologize if my picks were for anyone's favs.)


I used to love Hiros character...and I think he should become the badass he was destined to be ..not some dum comic relief who really isnt making people laugh anymore.


I hoping so, vic g. Hiro's innocence was amusing in the first couple seasons, but his childy attitude has gotten old. At least in my opinion (and I know several fans will disagree with me here). There was basically no difference between the mentally retarded Hiro before and after his mom healed his brain. Vol. 3 was the worst for him. He allowed Daphnee to steal the formula, then he allowed Adam to be fed to Arthur. Hiro's failure is exactly what caused all the Vol. 3 mess in the first place. I think it is time for Hiro to grow up! And if writers don't want to lose cute humor in the show, then there's still baby Parkman, and possibly Nathan's boys.


I think ando will die..This will cause Hiro to grow up and become badass Hiro.


Nobody else die!!!!!!!! =(

Matt richenthal

Everyone: Thank you for your feedback and for your enthusiasm over both Heroes and this website. I will be aware in the future of how my tone can affect your enjoyment of the site, though I won't back off from being critical when it's called for. Just my personality :)
Let's all hope for a great season four and let's all continue this discussion on the Heroes forum, ok? That's the best way to get our thoughts across to Tim Kring and company. Thank you again.


Heroes ratings will never come back. People need to get over it. Even if they made this season 10x better than season one, the average viewer who gave up on Heroes won't come back to watch it after missing on what happened for several episodes. At best, they'll rent DVDs (or rip torrents). The best thing a fabulous season 4 could do is bring back interest on the show and possibly help Season FIVE ratings; after people spent a couple summer week-ends watching DVDs. Back on the actual S4 scenario, does anyone here SERIOUSLY believe Claire will get laid by a chick? Come on. This isn't friggin American Pie. OK, her roommate might attempt to, and at worst even share a kiss with her. Why is it a shame that writers use a "college girl" cliché hint to make people talk about their show, and at the same time bring back interest in a character which basically everyone has been begging them to get rid off because she's so annoying and useless ? Heroes is about people with abilities. That roommate could be some kind of hot bisexual with a seduction/persuation power or something. Let's wait and see before assuming Claire will eventually have to announce HRG that she's lesbian.


M.L., the quality of your work has been exceptional on this site. That's why your "blunder" in that previous story stood out so much, I guess. I have faith in this season. It seems to be getting back on the track. Lets try not to be cynical until the season starts.


I was such a major fan of Heroes in the beginning it wasnt even funny. I bought all the dvds, a t-shirt, a calender and I wrote 4 pieces of fanfiction because I loved this show so damn much. Now its just a case of "meh... whatever." So yes, maybe this site is a bit biased and pessimistic but I find myself agreeing with it all the time because it really has become that dull and senseless. I am really unhappy about some of the story developments, I know that isnt fair to say because it isnt my story, it's not my own personal show, but they keep retreading the same ground with Claire "I want to be normal but I want to help but people keep protecting me even though I can't frickin die!", Nikki/Jessica/Barbara/Tracy/whatever the hell she is now just won't die which is so frustrating that I cant stand her face anymore, and Nathan who I adored they killed off in such a pathetic fashion. And people seem to think to make the show credible that characters have to die, so the writers think that too and kill them off again and again. Well actually, deaths dont have to occur to make it tense and wonderful. I just need to be interested in a character and a plot for me to enjoy a programme. I think part of Heroes problem is the actual team making it. To me it feels like they have their favourite actors so they will use them as much as possible, even fooling themselves into thinking they will boost flagging ratings. I feel nauseous at the idea of a lesbian Claire, and before people call me homophobic I'm not, I just think it's pathetic that a fetish is going to be used to boost ratings. They love Hayden, they love Ali, they love Milo so they are always there. Whereas Micah again was awesome, Mr Bennet was the man, Nathan was interesting because he was more human in the greed sense, and Claude who was probably the best character ever? Why couldn't they have signed on Christopher Eccelston? His sort of character is what is needed, someone standing on the sidelines ridiculing everyone for their weaknesses. I think the team needs to sit down and watch season 1 again. I mean really watch it, let themselves get caught up in it all and to note down what they love, and I dont mean actors. Characters, settings, bits of dialogue. Because what they love is what the fans love. They need to recreate it but evolve it into something we will continue to love without boring us to tears. They need to go away and watch their favourite movies and tv programmes and remember why it is they love them too, was there something that inspired an idea before? Watch the Godfather, watch Star Wars, watch whatever they want and remember what makes things brilliant! For me it was about the brother relationship between Peter and Nathan. Now that is gone, that magic is dead. I want to shake the creators for ruining something that was rather unusual in television, a relationship not based on sex or friendship but a bond most of us can relate to (no pun intended). People keep saying "yeah awesome! Heroes is going back to its roots!" But remember they did that with season 2, intoducing Monica etc and showing how they discovered their powers and interacted with the cruel world. And the fans were bored! They wanted action! So they got it in abundance in season 3 and again fans were bored! They wanted to see actual fights, they hated the plotholes that too much action creates! What the hell is Heroes supposed to do anymore anyway? Nothing they ever do satisfies the fans and they keep reusing the same actors because they love them too much. I'm sorry for ranting so much, but such was my love for Heroes. I can only finish with a small request to the Heroes creators. In the words of Claude DO SOMETHING UNEXPECTED!


Hello M.L. House, First of all, my apologies for cussing in the previous topic. I was kinda carried away by the previous posts. I simply think that we all need to set things straight when it comes to facts and opinions about the latest scoops. I know a lot of people looking at this site for the latest news and spoilers while waiting for the next season and of course, weekly news during heroes seasons! Getting the wrong idea or misinterpretation of your inputs affects the upcoming season in some way. We know that you play a part in challenging the network to make heroes as good as it used to be but your speculations also determines a portion of the fans' expectations. I appreciate this site and most of your articles and I'm not telling anyone how to do their jobs here. Time traveling in heroes works both ways. It makes an interesting arc and complicates the storyline creating different reactions from fans. Thanks.
________ "or if haitain and ando team up, shutting off everyones abilities (I think?) and kill him then." Cool. but that would be "The End". No more heroes, just people. LOL. A major death? Peter or Hiro? Both of them needs to be "Badass" like their future selves first and do something really heroic in someway like what they did Tracy's ice woman trick to save Micah and save everybody else for a good exit. Speaking of Micah, I hope we see the "Rebel team" in action. Micah, West, Sparrow, and Abigail. That would be cool... and costly! So yeah, they're sticking to the webcomics! :)

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