Ahead on 90210: A Major Affair?!?

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Following season one of 90210, it was unclear if Jennie Garth would reprise her role of Kelly Taylor on upcoming episodes of The CW series.

Earlier this month, though, we received word that Garth would, indeed, be back as the character that made her famous.

Now, TV Guide reports that Kelly won't just roam the halls of West Beverly again - she might be involved in a whopper of a storyline!

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Sources tell the publication that a Harry/Kelly affair is "definitely part of a long-term plan." This plot point, at least as far as Kelly's feelings go, was hinted at in the show's May finale.

But we're shocked they'd actually go there. Harry and Kelly are both likable, seemingly upstanding characters. Do you wanna see them sleep together?

Chime in now in our 90210 forum!

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I agree with James. The OC had the whole perfect couple with no problems (sandy n kirsten!!)! It only got interesting when Kirsten started developing feelings for.. ok i forgot his name but whatever! Harry and Kelly definitely need to have an affair. That will be awesome.. n Debbie should catch them! well.. after they have split or whatever! But it should have started when they hadn't split. I love drama.. especially when its with married couples and stuff :P so sick of teen drama! Harry and Kelly have WAY too much chemistry.. they have to get together! Or at least let them have MANY of 'those moments' together before they get together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


don't worry they didn't...and I must say I was majorly pissssssssssed....BUT harry and Debbie split soo that might push them together...just saying! yet another BUT I heard that harry WON'T be returning after the 2 season b/c he got fired and split with debbie.... I deff wanted to see them together!! :'(


NOO that's shitt if that happens i will seriously stop watchin 90210
plus i liked the parents by themselves and besides the oLD PPL IN THE SHOW DON"T NEED THAT! MUCH DRAMA godd leave it to the 'teens'


umm i think that to change things up a bit we should have someone NOT cheat on their wife


Anyway, it won't be the first time that she steals another woman's lover. She is proficient in that.


the whole point of a show like 90210 is to incorporate a lot of drama. starting an affair between kelly and harry would definitely accomplish that. and i definitely don't think ratings would go down because of this .. people would be watching for sure because they'd want to know what happens next, if debbie finds out, etc. plus - kelly and harry have great chemistry.


No way! have him leave his wife for brenda - bring back brenda. Forget Kelly.


i am soo happy to hear this news i mean i loove kellly shure i want her with brandon i wans her soin tobe brandon's BUT scince he won't return and dylan wont .. BTW i loove that its dylans son TOO .. but the 1st season felt verry blaa with kelly i mean for 5 episods no kelly at ALL ... but now that season 2's comeing i am happy and hope kelly has a little fun with harry i mean COCME on harry and his wive are kinda boreing with a capital B exept the last ccupple episodes imean they seem to have one or 2 funny lines or moments then go back to BLAAA i mean if kelly and harry have an affair it will shake things up a bit .. it will also give kelly a little more of a story line so that means shell be on the show longer and be in more episodes or have episodes all about HER !!! so in closeing ..... I HOPE THE writers DO THIS it will be so good !!


c'mon it wouldn't be 90210 if the didn't shake things up a little.


Well I'm looking forward to this storyline. Harry and Kelly definitely have chemistry together. Besides that Harry's scenes with Debbie are incredibly boring, whereas his scenes with Kelly aren't. We've already seen the stable relationship on The OC(Sandy/Kirsten).. It's time to change that up.

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