Burn Notice Cast and Creators at Comic Con

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Most of the cast and creators of Burn Notice were at Comic Con for their panel ready to answer questions.  Most notably absent was the show's recently arrested star Jeffrey Donovan.

Luckily the show's comic relief and Comic Con regular, Bruce Campbell, was ready to handle the crowd.  When an audience member asked if Bruce helped write some of his character's lines, he answered, "Mike at one point says, 'Sam I could kiss you.' Sam says, 'Get in line.' That was mine. But whatever, we throw them out whenever they are appropriate and if they use them."

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Bruce also joked that there's a "Xena out there that I want to boff."  When asked if his playboy character would ever settle down, Campbell said his character is "still putting the hammer down, [but] I have a new girl named Miss Reynolds, but you never see her. Sam just talks a lot. So maybe he's lying. Maybe he doesn't have that many chicks."

When asked about the show's most important relationship, Michael and Fionna, the series creator Matt Nix answer, "When you think of Michael and Fi, what are their romantic scenes? Their romantic scenes tend to be when they are building explosives, when they're in action or on a task—not when they are getting ice cream. Not to get too heavy with it, but that's not really a healthy basis for a relationship. It's a little bit like a couple who is good together when it's hot and difficult."

As for whether we'll see the two in bed again together, Matt says, "Yes. But let me put it this way: Things will get worse before they get better."

Apparently things get so bad that, "Fiona gets fed up with what Michael is doing and decides she wants to go home."

Co-executive producer and wrtier Alfredo Barrios Jr. adds, 'There is a critical juncture where they both have to make a decision that will affect their survival and their relationship."

Also coming up in this season of Burn Notice?  Jay's arms dealer Brennen might turn from a bad guy to a client and Seth Peterson might learn a few spy tricks from Sam.

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