Burn Notice Season Three Questions... and Answers!

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Forgive the obvious pun, but as Burn Notice moves toward its season three finale, storylines are heating up.

So is viewer curiosity.

Thanks to E! News, here's a look at a few of the more pressing questions on the minds of fans...

What does the future hold for Nate Westen?
He's getting a wife! "I don't think they cast her yet," said actor Seth Peterson. "I'm going to try to get my own wife in there. And also he's back at the casinos, so his gambling has revved up again. I just happen to be a poker player so, for me, it's easy to play."

Michael and Crew

Is Michael Shanks' Victor really dead?
Producer Matt Nix isn't sure: "I love Michael Shanks. He is a friend. Honestly, my wife has this thing where she made me promise if you kill somebody he's got to be dead. We talked about if there is some flashback we can do. Maybe we can come up with something someday because we love him and we love working with him. He's an amazing actor. And it was a character that was fun in the beginning, but in the end, we all really came to care about."

Is Jay Karnes reprising the role of Brennen?
Here is what Jay Karnes told E! about his character's fate "It seems to be breaking down in one of two ways. Brennen comes back as an über, über bad guy, or Brennen comes back as a client, which I think is kind of interesting. Brennen needing help from Michael Westen, I like that idea.

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Burn Notice Quotes

You make it look to easy, Michael.


James: What we do here together, what we stand for. Do you believe in it? And don't give me the answer you think I want. What I want is the truth.
Michael: I have always agreed with your methods, but the jobs I've helped you with, the ones no one else was willing to do, they needed t be done. We protect what is important. You made me part of something that is bigger than you, bigger than me. You made me believe there is something worth fighting for, something to believe in.

Burn Notice Music

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