Glee Season One Scoop: Love Triangles Galore!

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As the William McKinley football coach, Ken Tanaka will appear on the first full season of Glee and get involved in a "love quadrangle."

While we try to wrap our minds around this concept/shape, Lea Michele told E! News that she hopes Rachel and Finn get together when the show returns to Fox in September.

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed!" Michele said, though spoilers reveal that Finn's current girlfriend, Quinn, isn't going anywhere.

That cheerleader is played by Dianna Agron, who hypes the upcoming season by (sort of) explaining how complicated a handful of relationships are about to get.

"There's more than one love triangle. There are many, many love triangles, and they're always changing," Agron said.

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Rachel vs. Quinn: Who will win the battle over Finn?

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Nah, Quinn can have Finn. Rachel is better suited for Puck and visa versa. There is just so much that can be done with Puckelberry. They have the potenial of being a sexy, funny, angsty, cute, loving, and real couple. Puck and Rachel together as a couple have the potencial of being a verry sweet spontaniously unpredictale couple. The wouldn't just be 2 dymintional like Rachel and Finn or Puck and Quinn. Their would be many faces to a Puckelberry coupling.


rachel will win (its a given!) only because i like quinn to be with puck...they're cute together!!!

Glee Quotes

You know, the New York Times said, um, half the increase in support of gay marriage is due to generational turnover. That's what smart people call 'crazy, uptight bitches dying.' You guys lost, okay? And honestly the rest of us are just going about our business being normal and waiting for you not to be around, and not because you can stop us from getting married, but because you're kind of annoying.


I just want somebody to love me.