Gossip Girl Spoilers: Georgina's "Unexpected Love Interest"

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What's the deal with Michelle Trachtenberg's return to Gossip Girl? We know it may be short-lived, but what goes down during her newest stint in New York City?

Q: Got any new scoop on Gossip Girl?

A: We sure do. Thanks to Gossip Girl show runner Josh Schwartz, who says:

"Well, you know Georgina is coming back even though she is on Mercy. She is going to have a very unexpected roommate and a very unexpected love interest."

Theories? Opinions? Share them with us in the comments.

Georgina Picture

Michelle Trachtenberg on the Gossip Girl set earlier this month.

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Why would it be gross if Georgina is a lesbian? Grow up. It would be interesting! Like rich, hot, catty teenagers aren't ever lesbians... the show should go there!




no ten bucks its rufus' and lily's kid


OOMMGG!! VA-GINA WINNER! =)) =)) =))


Yeah theres a controversial hookup involving dan, so my guess would be her and dan. But, then, that wouldn't really be that controversial. Maybe its Rufus! Joking. Or Jenny. I reckon she has a thing for the Humphrey family. >.> I know I do. LOL. Well, one third of it anyway... Everyones saying her roommate is gonna be Blair, but not necessarily!! I mean, we already know that!!!!! So what would be exciting about that? I think it's SARENA. Because she's going to Brown, so it's unexpected. But she'll probably get expelled. There's no way they could keep the show going without sarena and blair being together. what would be the point in just following sarena in Brown and then swtitching back to Constance's for Jenny and then to NYU for..everyone else. Hm. Oooh! I got one! NELLY YUKI. YEAH!! DEFFO.


I think it will probably be Chuck. Considering Georgina never exactly got back at Blair for setting her up to go to rehab/boot camp/jesus land. And now that the Bitch has risen in Georgina, she'll do anything in her power to get revenge on Blair. This includes, getting in between Chuck and Blair. As she did to Serena and Dan.


maybe dan and serena's brother? scott i think his name is,


haha. a VA-GINA would be nice! I could see it happening since Vanessa is not a big fan of blair


I think she should fall in love with Vanessa. Their couple name would be VaGina

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