Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Season Six Premiere Wedding?

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The Season Six premiere of Grey's Anatomy begins shooting on July 15.

According to inside sources, casting directors are currently looking for actors to play the guest roles in this episode (the medical drama's 102nd overall).

One role in particular listed in the Greys' Anatomy premiere casting call caught our eyes: Producers are looking for someone to play a Catholic priest in his 60s.

Could this possibly mean that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are finally getting married? Like for real married, like in a church?

Or on the flip side, could someone be receiving their last rites, like perhaps Dr. George O'Malley, since actor T.R. Knight is not returning for Season Six?

Still the Best

What other characters can we expect in the sixth season premiere?

The producers are also looking for an 18-year-old male patient, Andy Smith, and his mother, Pam, for a two-episode arc, in addition to what appears to be a few foreign ladies backpacking across the United States who end up in the hospital. Sounds like it'll be good.

This episode of Grey's Anatomy will be written by executive producer Krista Vernoff, one of the show's top writers over the years, and directed by Ed Ornelas.

What do you think of the above Grey's Anatomy spoilers and rumors?

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What about the girl that fell in love with George after he saved her life - and she's waiting at the hospital? Maybe the priest is just to throw us off, and he isn't there for a funeral. Maybe George lives, TR is replaced by another actor and the girl that is waiting at the hospital falls in love with him. Izzie becomes bothered by the affection that she sees from this girl and realizes that she is in love with George...., new story line. Or, George doesn't recover and we have a funeral. Either way, I can't wait to see what happens.


I think that George lives and has extensive plastic surgry so a new actor may be brought in to play him. Izzy will hate everyone as she had asked for a DNR and no one listened. Both live and have emotional problems and cling to each other as they have the connection of having been ready to enter the light. That is how it will go.


I think it's probably the priest for George's funeral.
Meredith and Derek wouldn't have a wedding so soon after George's death.


I kinda guessed that many George fans won't be watching S6. I had no fondness for Erica, but the actress was left 'out in the cold' by her dismissal, but she is on the dvd box for S5. I was trying to convey that there were other actors that thought they had along term employment that stopped. I'm reading that they may start where they left off S5, withIz/George still hanging on. All the GA characters are growing up, moving forward etc.Shonda has to have an elongagated storyline so the fan base keeps coming back for more. Der wasn't always as understanding and truthful with Mer,so I don't blame her for wobbling over the commitment he wanted. Der was ready to settle down, Mer wasn't. They eeked out another seasons storyline on that, and almost alienated GA fans wholesale. But our flawed MerDer have grown into an assured couple, who have had lots of more troubles than most.
I'm sad TR chose to leave, GA will be around for a while yet. So I hope we get good storylinesfor S6,S7


George will always be my rock star. I love him. He's the only guy I like on the show. I love all the girls, but George is the one guy I love. I'm devastated he's leaving.


I just don't like Alex or Mark. Derek, I go back and forth on. I love George. I believe he's the best character. He's the guy I would want as a best friend or even as a husband. I love everything about him, even his faults. I think he is awesome. Rewatching all his moments just makes me love him more.


No one is asking anyone to love them all. It'd be kinda boring, don't you think? However, once someone starts to emphasize how awful and bad are some characters in comparation to another (in this thread, the George vs. McMen & Alex), it can upset the people who love the other characters. I love Derek & Mark. Adore their friendship. It's actually my second fav. relationship from the show. But I see how their characters can be annoying as well. I see both sides in them. I personally don't agree with the people who choose to see only the bad side (as I was trying to make a point) of them, when they too can be good people. They focus on that and try to diminish their characters. I find it unfair. I don't make apologies either for loving them, for defending Alex. I think they all deserve a chance. For the actors, aside from KH, I have nothing against any of them. They all seem very nice and problem free. TR was a good actor. Wished he could stay.


Aside from how great George is a character. It's also the wonderous takent of TR who plays him. If TR didn't play him with subtle expressiveness and totality many of us wouldn't be so close to him. This past season TR wasn't given much but he spun gold wherever he could. As far as harsh words are concerned some can't all be lumped as bashes. Some of us just like some better than others. True everybody must respect others opinions but it must come from all sides. I make no apologies for the fact I think TR is the best actor on GA. This will inevitably be followed by a post proclaiming my alleged stupidity and how I'm "bashing" the others-usually their favorite. There's no law that says I have to love them all equally.


Oh, and one more thing (and I promise to drop it off), I think it's unfair to call on Shonda in this. It's her show but remember that there are higher powers in this that might force her to choose it. I don't think that Shonda & Co. let TR go that easily. Shonda knows that this show loves George and I am sure that there was some sort of negotiation to try to get him to stay. TR chose not to. We don't know what happened there and the writer's seem to have taken a toll for it. So I think it's also safe to stop all the Shonda bashing because she did brought this show to us and no one can be sure of what happened. We'll probably never know.


Sabrina, I never said I hated George. If you've read my posts in this blog, you'll see that I was upset by him dying. I actually think that his recover could've been an excellent storyline for him. I got excited to see that George, the sweet passive George, was being all trauma-y and found a specialty (I swore he'd go into General). I think that he was still unfinished while Izzie already was. My problem was that there was some harsh bashing towards Alex, Derek, & Mark, because apparently they are the evil human beings for their mistakes while George's were excusable when he did bad choices. That is when I came in question of why George was a better man than the rest of them. I wanted to see the why. I don't think that any of them are perfect. So I was curious to see what people though. Nothing else. Not hate, not anything. I find it pointless to fight. Don't seem to resolve anything. As for Nano's question, I loved when Mer, George and Cris are all drunk at Mer's house and Hank (Izzie's ex) goes and finds them all drunk and George is like "You and Izzie are going to have really tall babies, kinda like Barbies". Hilarous. In fact, I'll see that moment again.

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