Heroes to See Just How Far It Can Jump Over the Shark

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Both Greg Grunberg and Cristine Rose have promised solid, enthralling season four storylines on Heroes.

But the latest spoiler column by an impartial source, Michael Ausiello, sheds light on a couple of planned plots that seem more comical than interesting.

First, the Entertainment Weekly writer confirms that Claire really will experiment with lesbianism with her new roommate, played by Rachel Melvin. Does that sound hot? Yes. Does it also sound like a desperate ratings ploy? Yes.

Claire Bares the Pain
Likely Nathan

Meanwhile, Heroes producers are casting an 11-year-old version of Nathan. Why? Adrian Pasdar can explain:

"I absorb a memory from an article of clothing that sends me back in time to when I was 11. Something happened to young Nathan, but old Nathan doesn't remember it. How can that be? It has to do with a character we have met before."

Hey, at least the show has listened to viewer complaints about Hiro too often traveling back in time. Now, it's just using Nathan in his place instead!


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The way I read this, the "character we have met before" is NOT Sylar. I'm willing to bet kiddy Nathan witnessed something he shouldn't, and Arthur or Charles wiped it clean. This is FASCINATING, because it could finally explain WHY Angela insisted on infusing Nathan into Sylar instead of begging Claire to heal him: with Sylar's power, "Nathan" can basically know everything from crap erased from his memory by the Company to weither or not people are telling him the truth. Do people running this site just whine to lower expectations or are they really that blind ?


Tbh I think its quite interesting to have Sylar use his power to unknowingly see into the history of Nathan. Hasn't the casting asked for young Hiro as well? Wouldn't it be cool if a whole dark history of the Heroes characters is uncovered and Sylar discovers something in the past that threatens the present? He would be the only one in a position to stop it.


this is supposed to be a fan site but lately it seems like it's going the other way


It's more a flashback than it is time traveling.


The only thing that has jumped the shark right now is this website. First of all, that whole lesbian thing is still little more than a poorly worded misinterpretation. Nothing has been "confirmed". Secondly, Nathan isn't travelling back in time. It's blatantly obvious they're saying that he remembers something from his past. Are you just trying to be cynical for the sake of it?


It means that Nathan is going to remember that period of time. He's not actually going to time travel... It's one of Sylar's powers, where he can see the "memory" of an object. Seriously, you guys are being wayyyyy to cynical.

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