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Last week, we posted a photo of Sara Ramirez that Shonda Rhimes Tweeted as the cast of Grey's Anatomy returned for their first week of filming the upcoming Season Six.

Today, we're happy to provide you with a similarly Twittered image of the show's leading man, Patrick Dempsey, courtesy of writer and executive producer Krista Vernoff.

Krista posted the photo below, with the caption: "Dear Fans, I am sitting here with Patrick. He says he loves you too. :-)" Aww. How nice of him. Here's the man in action:

Patrick on the Set

Patrick Dempsey looks handsome, even in full surgical gear.

Thanks to marriedmymcdreamy for the heads up on this! Here's hoping that as filming progresses we get to see more fun Tweets from Shonda, Krista et al.

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McDreamy is every woman's soulmate ... devastatingly handsome, chiseled good looks, beautiful and soulful eyes, believable character (Dr. Shepherd) ... sweet and kind and very much a man's man ... rightfully referred to as McDreamy ... and from all reports/interviews,etc., looks to be a great husband and dad which adds to his stardom ... The complete man!


hmmm he's my age so... hes hot!!


He is old and I don't think he is hot. not at all.


He does look tired, not surprising if he's doing the film and GA. So they've only just started filming, I thought they went back 2 weeks ago.


Nat. he is in his 40's but he is still hottt! There are many hot 40's! =]
So jealous of krista!
It would be so cool to just hang out at the set!


I think he looks old


Thank you Krista! She rocks! Lovely eyes McDreamy...looks kinda tired though.


I miss grey's anatomy very much,,, I miss MER-DER


I'm loving Krista right now!!!


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Derek: It wouldn't be love if it didn't.

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