London Speaks on Daisy De La Hoya

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On Sunday night, London was named the winner of Daisy of Love. His reward?

A few more minutes as the boyfriend of Daisy De La Hoya, and a lifetime of STD worries.

But London is still flying high at the moment, basking in his victory over 12 Pack and Flex. The reality star spoke to VH1 about how seriously he took the entire process.

"It didn't feel like a game to me," London said of the show.

Daisy of Love Winner

As for his relationship with Daisy, that's been tested by the rules of the series. (It finished taping weeks ago, but the finale only just aired; in between, the couple was forced to remain apart.)

"You're not going to see each other for this period of time," he explained.  "That creates issues and stuff.  Some personal issues and stuff that we're working on.  I can tell you right now that we still have the same connection."

London concluded by praising his new, quasi girlfriend.

"She's a great girl, she's really cool.  People don't give her credit, they don't realize how smart and deep she is... She's one of the coolest, most down chicks I've ever met in my life."

We're assuming London has only met about four chicks in his life.

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