Mad Men Season Three Promo Pics, Preview

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What should fans expect on season three of Mad Men?

"I think what happens... is change. That's not just talking about the characters and the story and the arcs of all these people, it's about the culture as well," star Jon Hamm said at an AMC press event this week. "We are moving forward in time - it doesn't take place in a vacuum. The country was very much changing, and people were changing along with it."

Will Don Draper actually be loyal to wife Betty this fall?

"Well, people change and people stay the same. So I think I'll leave it with that," Hamm said.

Guess we'll need to tune in for the premiere on August 16.

For now, enjoy the following Mad Men promotional photos. Click on each to enlarge:

Don Draper Promo Pic
Betty Draper Promo Pic
Joan Holloway Promo Pic
Roger Sterling Pic

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I love this show. I am so stoked they're coming back with another season. I only wish A&E would put the past episodes online like the rest of the networks. Also, can Don please attempt to be faithful for once? Betty is by far the hottest wife on the show, even if she is a bit wacked in the head.

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Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Roger: How about a little dignity?
Ken: You're firing me!
Roger: Yes, but you're going to get a generous severance package if you help Pete secure all of your accounts. Including DOW.