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Well, I've given this a lot of thought and I believe that we should do everything we can to keep Jim from breaking up the agency.


We both know you're in the acquisitions business. You should buy the whole company. Because I have a vision. All our accounts, our cutting-edge computer and the employees I know to be worthy as an independent subsidiary of McCann. You just lost Burger Chef, we may win it, and then you'll still have it. And I'll have my company without Jim Cutler and all that baggage from CGC.


Peggy: No. Cancel it. What about the moon landing?
Don: It was a success.
Peggy: No, DON, I have to talk to people who just touched the face of God about hamburgers!

Poor Bert. I should have realized it was the end. Any time a man starts talking about Napoleon, you know he's gonna die.


You don't owe me anything. Goodbye Don.


That is a very sensitive piece of horseflesh. He shouldn't be rattled!


You think you're going to force me out of my own company?!


Don: I worry about a lot of things, but I don't worry about you.
Peggy: What do you worry about?
Don: That I never did anything and that I don't have anyone.

Does this family exist anymore? Are there people who eat dinner and smile at each other without watching TV?

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