Blake Lively is Back in Boston

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She's a busy girl!

After celebrating her birthday last night in New York, Blake Lively headed up to Boston this afternoon for production meetings regarding The Town, her new film.

Ben Affleck is directing and starring in the project, which also brought the 22-year-old to Boston two weekends ago, where one of our staffers just missed her.

Today's visit was just for meetings regarding the film, so we don't imagine she'll be gone from NYC and Gossip Girl for long. Here she is 210 miles up I-95 ...

Blake in Boston

Spotted: A casual-looking Gossip Girl star in Beantown. Hopefully just one of many future Blake Lively sightings in Boston. Why should New York City have all the fun?

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Chairforevaa, she said herself she's very happy to be working on GG. She just wants to be involved in other stuff at the same time..


She looks gorgerous. But it's kinda sad if she leaves GG for a long time in the future, but in the other way it's great again, cause she'll become a better actress.


Looks cute as always, but the top is almost too revealing.


i am so proud for my blakey,she looks gorgeous without make-up


Woo! Cool that she's back in Boston.


so glad that she's "expanding" her career! lookin' forward to more of her projects!


i thought she had no shoes on but i realized she's wearing flip flops


It's freaking 90 degrees in Boston today!! What is she thinking wearing that?!?!


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