Chair Gossip Girl Season 3 Premiere Poster

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The CW has released a nice ad for the Season Three premiere of Gossip Girl featuring Chuck and Blair in a scene from the episode, "Reversals of Fortune."

Follow the link above for a full gallery of photos from the episode, which airs Monday, September 14, kicking off the much-anticipated third season of GG.

From what we read, it looks like it's going to be an awesome season for Chair, even if there are some controversial moments (like B pimping Chuck out).

Hey, it wouldn't be Chair without some drama, right?

Gossip Girl Season 3 Premiere Poster

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that looks like it was made with Paint. Awful picture choice.
gossip girl is going even further down hill, shame.


this poster comfirmas my fears,the writers transform Blair into a lame stepford wife for Chuck,run Chuck run....


Love this. They look brilliantly terrifying, as though they are studying their next victims. Amazing.


Ok, I feel better after reading the comments. They are schemeing. Makes me feel better. As long as they're working together, that's all I care about!


The picture is fab, but BUT, why don't they look happy? I mean, it's a gorgeous pic, but they look - upset or something. Cheer up, Chuck and Blair!


Who needs words when we have this two?


from the looks on their faces, it seems that they will be doing what they do best, plotting and destroying others. i cant wait. :-)


OK who ever they are looking at i can warn them its going to be troubleeeeeeeeeee. Those eyes are an a target - someone is working there last nerve.And as GG said in season 1 when u have chair on your side who needs an army better watch out. So i suggest please dont be on the opposite side.


One of my most favourite Chair pictures ever. So old-Holywood and posh. They both look gorgeous!


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