Coming to One Tree Hill: A Baby and an Engagment?

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A significant rumor about the upcoming season of One Tree Hill is making the rounds.

According to extras on set, Dan will have a pregnant girlfriend on season seven of the show.

Who will she be? Sources confirm that Brooke's nemesis RachelĀ  - returning actress Danneel Harris - will be the lucky lady to carry Dan's child.

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Moreover, these same sources report that Harris was sporting a diamond engagement ring as well, leading to the assumption that Dan at least does the right thing once this news breaks.

Does this mean the character has a new heart? Or will he die and leave his child with either of his sons? Tune in for season seven.

Find out.

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Dan and Rachel??? What??? Talk about random? I love Rachel and I'm so happy Daneel is back but Dan and Rachel? What are we supposed to call them? Ran? Dachel? Not that I don't understand the attraction, I mean Paul's pretty hot. I'm a little iffy on this but I'll give it a shot... as long as it's explained properly. Can't wait to see Nate's reaction if this turns out to be true!


Omg...Rachel and Dan how did that happen??? Can't wait to see!


What a horrible storyline.. Rachel carrying Dan's child.. Omg!


i think jamie is soo cute!
i cannot stand dan though. at all.
i believe he's horrible.

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Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.


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Lucas: Umm, Kate Bosworth.
Peyton: Luke, come on, it could be anybody you know. Your mom, Haley...
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