Gossip Girl Stars Heat Up Teen Choice Awards

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The cast of Gossip Girl is up for a plethora of honors at the Teen Choice Awards, which air this evening on Fox. The event was taped last night, with a number of our favorite stars making appearances on the award show's red carpet.

Click to enlarge photos below of Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester (looking fabulous in her striped dress and red shoes, we might add) making their grand arrivals and posing with the prized TCA surfboards:

More Ed
Great Smile
Surf is Up
Surf's Up!
A Hunk
Leighton is Our Choice
A Handsome Star
What Cuteness!
A Handsome Chace Pic
Red Shoes!
James Dean

Rumor has it, all three of the hotties pictured above took home awards at the event - Choice TV Villain (Ed Westwick), Choice TV Actor (Chace Crawford) and Choice TV Actress (Leighton Meester) - while Gossip Girl itself won Choice TV Show.

Tune in tonight to see for yourself if that's true!

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yeah they all deserve to win! yeah leighton really is good in acting, i can't think of anyone who could give justice to blair's role better than she does. i've watched their acceptance speech in youtube woaaahhh chace and leighton really look good together!


So happy that Ed won something..Eventhough Chuck Bass is no longer a villain..and he looks oh so fine at the TCA...Sexy man...


Vote for Leighton, she rules! http://www.tv.com/?type=Versus...


congratulations to you all :D


Just watched the TCA tonight, and i'm not ashamed to say that I squealed and screamed loudly over Leighton and Ed. They both looked absolutely AMAZING. They're both so great!


i'm so happy for them! they deserve it! Leighton looks extra gorgeous! and Ed & Chace? well, what can i say?? they all look great!


Love the stunning threesome but Chace should not have won, I'm sorry.


Leighton and Ed totally deserved that! Love them!


congratulations Leighton, Westwick and absolutely Chace!
he's the hottest guy at TCA, better than the hobo and efron! u gooooooooo chace :P


I didnt see Blake and Penn???


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