Hilary Duff: Not a Gossip Girl Diva

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Gossip Girl's production coordinators have moved swiftly to deny reports that high-profile guest star Hilary Duff has held up production on the hit show this summer with her bratty behavior and a number of diva-like demands.

Rumors swirled that Duff had infuriated the show's cast after refusing to leave her trailer as the others waited to film near Manhattan's Gramercy Park neighborhood, causing a massive delay in Gossip Girl filming that day.

A source said, "No one could believe they would actually hold up taping for her. Nobody in the cast behaves like that." But a rep for the hit CW series, however, tells the New York Post that the Duff rumor is "absolutely not true."

The 21-year-old is currently in New York City filming episodes as a guest star on the hit TV teen drama, in which she plays a movie star who enrolls at New York University with a number of the Upper East Siders we know.

We also know she'll be kissing Dan Humphrey.

Duff the Diva?

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This chick is useless...she needs to take some acting classes. I can't believe she gets cast in anything!! I can add sighs in the middle of every single one of my sentences for dramatic effect too! She's a chubby, horsed teeth loser who isn't even good at her job! Disney shoulda ended her career after Lizzy Maguire or w/e the hell that show was called. There are so many more talented young actresses that should have this role....it's sickening.


I hope not. She seems like SUCH a good girl... lol


i really wish she was just not on this show!!! god i hate her

Rena jae

I wouldn't be surprised. She seems like she'd have a big ego...but then again, I really just don't like her at all and she looks kinda fat in that picture. I seriously hope she's only on for the first part of season. I can deal with Joanna Garcia and I want more Sebastian Stan.


this is probably false since they have pas waiting in front of the trailers all the time and Hilary is known to be completely down to earth and professional on sets.


Hilary Duff is not a diva.


she couldn't afford acting like a diva because she's such a nobody.. who cares about hilary duff anymore? she's so "out".. i still don't get why she's on the show -.-


I actually think it's true and the CW is covering up.


I don't care for her. Whether she a diva or not


I didn't want her on the show but still I don't believe she'd become that kind of girl.


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