Kristen Bell Loves Gossip Girl Fashion

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Kristen Bell not only narrates Gossip Girl - she gets her style from the show!

The actress - who is heard, but not seen every week as the title character, says she channels Blake Lively’s Serena van der Woodsen to make sure she's stylish.

“I use Gossip Girl to work out my outfits. I sit and take notes while I’m watching it,” she says. “If Blake Lively wears a white silky vest, I write down ‘Serena - white silky vest.’"

"It’s the only way I can make sure I look stylish!"


The Heroes star, 29, also revealed she loves being funny, but admits it’s “hard” for women to have a sense of humor without being the brunt of the joke.

“I think it’s sometimes one of the hardest things, to be a woman and be funny and not be completely and utterly self-deprecating," Bell laments.

"For a long time, people have been at odds with accepting that.”

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I love Kristen! she is so cute and funny


She is so lovely and funny! My Girl Crush *-*
and yeah,she looks younger than Blake!


Who doesn´t get fashion tips from GG???? :D


i can't believe she is 29 she is really cute ^^


ahah she's so cute


I love Kristen and the fact that she draws inspiration from the show. Serena has worn some very stylish outfits.


she's a lovely girl! and i agree, she doesn't look 29!


She's so awesome and I so agree with her!


i just love her, she is fantastic in everything she does.


she's right. it seems easier to be funny for a guy. its also hard for me. but i love funny guys a lot!

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