The Evolution of Serena van der Woodsen Style

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Below is a video feature with Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, who discusses how he is outfitting Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) this season.

In short, everything old is new again as her party girl persona shines through!

Not that Serena hasn't always worn some revealing clothes, but this season, Daman says we're really going to see her "try to get attention through her clothing."

Gulp. Check out this three-minute preview of Serena van der Woodsen fashion - with some cool clips from the upcoming Season 3 of Gossip Girl - below:

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Style Preview"] [/video]

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I looking for the Serena coat (saison 3)


ppl how can u not see the awesomeness of serena's style!! i barely saw the thing in the end abt chair! i mean i like them and everything but serena's outfits make more sense if someone's gna wear them. i personnaly cnt see myself in one of blair's outfits, at least not from head to toe, but i can do it with serena!!
and also, i like the dan-serena couple as much as the chuck-blair one!!
xoxo -M


does anybody know who designed the grey dress Serena is wearing in this video? I have to have it!


I like Serena and Blake is hot,as always! But is something in her new style that is not so new! I dont know!


I love Serenas style. Im so excited!


I love gossip girl i've followed it since season 1 and fell in love with Chuck's character he's bad, but we all love him! I like Serena she always knows what she wants and I like that about her. I can't wait for season 3 to begin!!! I miss Chuck!!!!


One damn second of CB. but an awesome damn second none the less.


omg! i dont care about serena so i was didnt watch this originally but someone mentioned the chair part of this vid in a forum and i HAD to watch it!!!! yay chair:-)


i'm not really a chair shipper but that cb kiss at the end was really cute


yeah I know :D anyway I think all the couples in the second season were kinda annoying, anyone agree? and I'd like to like Chair, but so far I can't :/
hope season 3 will be better;)

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