The Plan for Hiro and Charlie on Heroes

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You gotta give Heroes credit for something:

Despite pleas from critics and fans to simplify storylines, the show appears intent on sticking to its confounding, time-traveling guns.

Yesterday, we reported on the news that Jayma Mays was returning to the series in the role of Charlie, Hiro's late girlfriend.

Charlie and Hiro

Now, E! News has revealed the exact plans for this storyline. As that website tells it:

Hiro will go back in in time to the diner where Charlie works; he'll actually kill Sylar, thereby altering the show's timeline. This act will enable Hiro stave off Charlie's death and meet her at a bar in Japan.

Got all that? Let us know your thoughts on it in our Heroes forum!

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I don't know it might be plausable after what happened in last weeks episodes.


when someone says exact plans its usually a fake. maybe its what they want 2 happen lol but not what will happen cuz killing all of seasons 2 &3 would squish whatever hope for renewal they have. too many of us fans still left out there and too many sylar fans for sure.
i still think its fake tho. something stinks; funky source. i think yall should do some more digging b4 reporting supposed spoilers.


E!News? Are you serious? Not only is this "spoiler" totally rediculous, since when has E!News ever been the foremost authority on television news. Stupid idea, and I personally feel it's just a rumor designed to get people angry. Besides, Hiro already tried once, and guess what, people? You can't change the past because it's already happened! Going back in time to save her is a result of her death, so if he does go back and save her in the past, then he would have no reason to go back in the future, so it never would have happened so she'd still die and everything would be the same. I think the whole thing is just bogus.


Maybe Hiro tries to kill Sylar in the past... and then Sylar kills Hiro!


I think its a weird concept all around..ok so Hiro goes back to save her from Sylar...which he did in season 1 anyway..only to find out she would pass away from a terminal illness. He wants to Kill Sylar thats nice...Here comes ANOTHER reboot....are they fricking serious about doing this....DROP THE TIME TRAVEL. They couldve just had Jayma Mays(Im a major fan for) had a twin sister or something and been in the present time and I wouldve been happy.


Hmmm... I don't think so. Even though S2 & S3 (half of it) weren't as good as S1, it's how things got to how they are. Sylar played a big part in all the events. No Sylar = ? -you judge.


Wait, you guys don't see this as a good thing? Can imagine heroes with season 2 and 3 erased? and going back to season 1? how awesome could that be?! although i wouldnt lose sleep if this didnt happen, i think the show should just do what it wants this last season, after all its never gonna get renewed, so why not push the boundaries?


If Charlie was dying of a terminal illness, and now Hiro is dying of a terminal illness, whats the point in saving her from Sylar? They're both going to die soon. Theres no future. And negating the entire Heroes series from that point would be a very baaaaad idea.


Killing Sylar voids everything that happened from Claire and Peter's first encounter to S03 end. Basically voids "Heroes". Unreliable source.


Totally bogus, it was impossible for him to save Charlie and will remain so. If he did save her or kill Sylar he will cause a major space-time continuuim (sp?) paradox. The source is questionable.

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