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It's come to our attention in reading the pilot episode) with a more current photo that includes all the young hotties we love (and Vanessa).

Well, ask and you shall receive!

We're trying to decide between the two images below. The first (top) is a lot like our current theme, only with the seven young stars as opposed to just three.

The second option (bottom) would probably require changing our site's entire color scheme, which we are willing to do if you prefer the teal and gray combo.

Which do you prefer? Vote in the survey below and whichever receives more support between now and Monday morning will be incorporated into our banner!

UPDATE: Because we broke the poll by mistake, and there was confusion over which was which, we had to start over. Which is okay, since it was nearly tied as it was. Sorry. We've also added an option to not change it, period. Vote below ...

The photo for the new Gossip Girl Insider banner should be ...

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first one. the secont one looks so first season.. so high school :P lets upgrade


I prefer the first but a shame that they are slightly opaque.
The second photo is horrible they are all separate photos made into one image they have no flow whoever was the designer is usless


i like the second one!


Either or, but I definitely think that you should change the colour scheme for the top one if that's what you're gonna pick. The picture is almost transparent, and maroon and black just won't work. Maybe teal and grey would go for the top one too? Or maybe a very light shade of brown and grey?


I vote the second one.
I know its old, they both are. But the first one's graphics annoy me. Is it just me or can you see the buildings through them. It's annoying.


they're both old. i'd also vote for Chair banner actually :D but i guess that's not possible. Anyways, IF i have to choose then def the 1 one.. the second is reallllyy old


Please, please change the color scheme, regardless of what picture you use. The blue text of headlines is far too dark to read against the brown background. The whole white text against black and brown hurts my eyes to read. I've been wishing for a while that you'd change it.


i changed the colours slightly:


I really like the one tsunamarama did:


I really like the second one, the first one looks a little odd
I wouldn't mind keeping the old one either, but the second is just really cool. Vanessa might not be my favourite person but I don't really mind if she's in the banner or not


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