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It's come to our attention in reading the pilot episode) with a more current photo that includes all the young hotties we love (and Vanessa).

Well, ask and you shall receive!

We're trying to decide between the two images below. The first (top) is a lot like our current theme, only with the seven young stars as opposed to just three.

The second option (bottom) would probably require changing our site's entire color scheme, which we are willing to do if you prefer the teal and gray combo.

Which do you prefer? Vote in the survey below and whichever receives more support between now and Monday morning will be incorporated into our banner!

UPDATE: Because we broke the poll by mistake, and there was confusion over which was which, we had to start over. Which is okay, since it was nearly tied as it was. Sorry. We've also added an option to not change it, period. Vote below ...

The photo for the new Gossip Girl Insider banner should be ...

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The second one is way better! I hate that dan i holding serena up in the first one! and chuck is hidden in the back. NO FUN!! I also like the idea of refreshing the color scheme!! It would be fun mark of the evolution of the show! VOTE FOR 2!!!!


i love this site, i think it's the best site about the gossip girl. everuday i open this website. love it


hahaha, they just took the one GossipGirlismycrystalmeth designed and added Dan, Jenny, & Vanessa. Well I still love the second one:) Wish one of the colors could incorporate purple though.


I just want you to add Chuck and Dan, that's all... either one is fine...


I like the first one, but I think it's been photoshopped wrong, because the transparency level is too high. You can see through Chase and Ed into the background... it looks creepy!


glad you guys decided it needed a change.


I love it the way it is now, mainly because im a huge fan of the books, so I love the Serena, Nate, and Blair triangle. But if I had to pick one it would be the first one...but maybe photoshop it better, like what gossiplover said.


The first one would be good except for that fact that they're TRANSPARENT! In photoshop/illustrator, someone needs to bring the buildings layer BEHIND their bodies if that's what's transparent. The layers probably just need to be switched and make sure the the characters are solid.


the ny city one reminds me of friends the tv show banner


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