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It's come to our attention in reading the pilot episode) with a more current photo that includes all the young hotties we love (and Vanessa).

Well, ask and you shall receive!

We're trying to decide between the two images below. The first (top) is a lot like our current theme, only with the seven young stars as opposed to just three.

The second option (bottom) would probably require changing our site's entire color scheme, which we are willing to do if you prefer the teal and gray combo.

Which do you prefer? Vote in the survey below and whichever receives more support between now and Monday morning will be incorporated into our banner!

UPDATE: Because we broke the poll by mistake, and there was confusion over which was which, we had to start over. Which is okay, since it was nearly tied as it was. Sorry. We've also added an option to not change it, period. Vote below ...

The photo for the new Gossip Girl Insider banner should be ...

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Ivana im a filthy youth

I like the current one, but if I had to choose, it would be the first on. I like the colors on this page, and would rather it not to be so bright.


I like the first better but I agree you should use the original photo.
and Vanessa is there because she is part of the same cast.
and I love it¡


The second one is better. Prettier, and Jenny's dress doesn't look as f***ed.


Chill out about Vanessa!! Why people hate her so much?? Anyway, she´s part of the show, so she'll always be in the official pictures from now with it. I think Chair is really hot, but it wouldn´t be fair to exclude all the others! And I like the second one better, we could use a change on the color scheme!xD


The current one is great, but I love the 2nd photo (bottom) to mix it up. It would be a new great color scheme for the whole site as we begin the new season. I dunno either way it's a great site but I like a little change once in awhile!


second one the blue will be much nicer at the top of the screen


I think the second definitely plus it would be nice to change the colors of the website its self!

Chair4eva sk

must be the second!!!!!! chuck is in the middle next to blair!!


please leave the current one!!!


Can we cut off Vanessa plz in the second? Then I'd totally be gung ho for it.
(: I want a new color scheme. I know it's work and it sounds selfish - but maroon and black is getting way old. I love teal and gray, I think it'd look superb. (:


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