90210 Round Table: "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat"

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A lying Dixon, a scheming Annie and even a seasick Navid made for a tremendous episode of 90210 last night.

Which aspects of the show did our writers like the best? The worst? Find out below in our 90210 Round Table.

Mega Bitch Annie: Love her or hate her?
BrendaLova: Absolutely love her! But I have a feeling she won't love herself for much longer. Annie will wake up one day and realize that this isn't the person she wants to be.

The Real McKay: I think she's great. Did anyone else's jaw hit the floor when she spouted those lies about Liam to Naomi? I was shocked to hear that and love to see Naomi be on the receiving end for a change.

Wild4Wilds: Somewhere in between. If Annie is a bitch, and Naomi is selfish, and Silver is crazy... who are we supposed to root for on the show? Even Adrianna is now keeping a secret from Navid. We need a protagonist on the female side.

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Will Adrianna tell Navid that Teddy tried to kiss her?
BrendaLova: She should. It may stoke his jealousy fire again, but honesty is always the best polity. It's trite, but it's true.

The Real McKay: I wouldn't if I were her. Adrianna should simply distance herself from Teddy, little by little. I know Navid thinks he and Teddy are total BFF now, but Adrianna need to be mature, explain to Teddy that she can't be close to him and just spend a lot of time with Navid.

Wild4Wilds: For what purpose? Why not make two studs fight for her love instead? Sounds like fun to me!

What will happen between Kelly and Harry?
BrendaLova: The answer better be: nothing at all! Both Kelly and Harry are very likeable characters. It would ruin the show forever if they started an affair. Plus, Kelly already kissed Dylan when he was dating Brenda. Let's hope she's learned her lesson.

The Real McKay: A lot more than texting, let's start with that! My guess is that the show teases an affair, but doesn't go through with it. I'm still holding out hope for Ryan and Kelly at some point.

Wild4Wilds: I'm not sure, but I'm just glad they have a realistic storyline for the Wilson parents. Lori Loughlin and Rob Estes are solid actors. It's nice to see them involved in a show outside of their kids' issues.

What the heck was up with Liam and that blueprint?
BrendaLova: It's gotta be a tank. The guy was dragged away by military men, right?

The Real McKay: I have no idea. It was more random than Donna just dropped by for two episodes last season.

Wild4Wilds: It's a water balloon slingshot. He's gonna get up on the roof of West Beverly soon and cause some serious damage!

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1 hate Annie just like before
2 dont think shell tell but they will kiss later, i saw the paps photos
3 Kelly & Harry together : finally some excitement there
4 seemed so ridiculous, but maybe he wants to bomb down Jen's house.. old Liam was much hotter


i actually wouldnt mind seeing kelly and harry seems like an interesting mix, spice up the show a little bit, they seem to have great chemistry...and Annie being a bitch to Naomi so deserved it, but i will always be TEAM NAOMI!!! and wtf was that that Liam was blueprinting lmaoooo sighhh hes such a hottie (-:


Annie is so AMAZING. My new Favorite!!!!


1. i kind of like the new bitch annie, so much better than last season! but at the same time i'm a bit over jen getting away with sleeping with liam, i just want the truth to come out! 2. well we've all seen the pics of teddy and adrianna kissing so i think its safe to say that her and navid are over (shattered). she'll either tell him and go with teddy, or cheat on navid...ouch. 3. i don't think they'll have an actual physical affair, just emotional, enough to drive a wedge between deb and harry and ruin their family even more than annie's doing. 4. it better be something good, but yeah incredibly random!


1) like the new bitch annie!! she didnt do anything wrong at prom, she doesnt deserve this....
2) i think she should... honestly works and navid did made her promise never to lie again!!
3) they should not have an affair at all....
4) i have no idea. it was so randomn! =P


yes! he tried to but she pulled away..


teddy didnt kiss adrianna? He tried to?

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.