Blake Lively Fashion: Awesomely Affordable!

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You may not look like Blake Lively, but you can dress like her.

Semi-affordably, too! At least sometimes, thanks to Anna Sui.

The Gossip Girl star turned out at Fashion Week to celebrate Anna Sui's Gossip Girl-themed line for Target, which tops out at under $100.

Not a bad deal for something a glamorous gal like Lively would wear out.

Here's Blake in one of the line's offerings. What do you think?

Fashion Week Fab
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luv it!!!


I just came from Target a few hours ago and even though I was just going to try on a few items, I ended up buying 2 dresses from this line.


This dress is NOT part of the target line! I went to opening day of the line at Target last Sunday, and there were like three or four cute items, but they were gone that afternoon. Trust me, this dress wasn't there (and hasn't been online, and wasn't there yesterday when I went back to double check).




^^^agree with above comment!! i checked out items from the clothing line online and most of them are really ugly! i dont think the upper east side girls would be caught dead wearing some of that stuff...
such a shame coz i really wanted to see some fashionable affordable pieces


The dress fits really weird. But it's better than the other stuff that I've seen from this line. (Has Anna Sui ever actually SEEN Gossip Girl?? Or is everybody just assuming that us poor people are too dumb to be able to tell the difference?)


I love Blake!!


I went to the target closest to where I live and it had like nothing there and the clothes were really ugly. There's better ones online.


freaking gorgeous but dislike the shoes


Preety girl- Ugly dress...(loving the shoes though)

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