Coming to Reality TV: Holly Madison, Tinsley Mortimer

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Try to contain your excitement over this news: reality TV is about to welcome back one talentless star; and introduce another to the masses.

First, Holly Madison is returning to the only industry she can succeed in. The former Girl Next Door will begin filming Planet Holly in Las Vegas on October 12.

“There will be elements of The Girls Next Door in my show because there is such a fan following for it. It’s all good-natured and not mean like other reality shows. I’m really excited about the new series because I am also getting a legitimate co-producer credit for all the work I do behind the camera. It’s not a vanity credit. I’m super excited to learn from the best and take on new responsibilities.”

We're equally excited to watch Holly's life on screen... NOT!

Deep Throating

Meanwhile, Tinsley Mortimer is apparently famous. The CW will follow around this Manhattan socialite for at least eight half-hour episodes this fall.

Described in newspapers as "New York's pre-eminent young socialite," Mortimer is actually in her 30s. She appeared on the season two premiere of Gossip Girl as a guest judge on Bravo's Fashion Show this summer.

We hate her already.

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Stop hating on holly!!! She isnt talentless otherwise she wouldnt be so well loved! if you watched all of GND you'd know how smart she was and how she was working for playboy as a junior editor... I say your all jelous because she is a HOTTTTTIE, has her own show and is so happy all the time! She didnt even slut around after her and hef broke up she had like one thing going on... so jeez find someone worthy of your bullshit like paris or friggin lindsey they are sad Holly is a great rollmodel for younger girls especially, where as lindsey is all about drugs and fake lesbian action.. holly may take her clothes of but she teaches you to feel good about yourself.. Sami