Daddy Dexter: Clips from Series Premiere

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On September 27, will Dexter Morgan really be "Living the Dream," as the show's fourth season premiere is titled?

Viewers of this Showtime hit will soon find out, but they can get a sneak peek at everyone's favorite serial killer below, as he takes on a new role:

Family man.

In the first clip below, Dexter and Rita are standing over baby son Harrison. The former looks far less comfortable than he does when holding a knife over a victim...

[video url="" title="Dexter Sneak Peek"][/video]

In the next clip, found after this article's jump, Dexter reveals two things: his soft side; and his deep, dark secret. Check it out now.

[video url="" title="Dexter and Harrison"][/video]

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Dexter Quotes

There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

Dexter Morgan

I've lived in darkness a long time. Over the years, my eyes adjusted until the dark became my world and I could see. But then Rudy turned on the light. He flooded my memory and now I'm blind.

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