Emmy Fashion Face-Off: Grey's Anatomy Style

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Unfortunately, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson came up short again in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Both looked fantastic at last night's presentation, however, as did former co-star and current Private Practice leading lady Kate Walsh. Great to see them all in attendance!

Which Grey's Anatomy star (past or present) looked the best at the annual, star-studded Emmy Awards? Vote in our little survey below and let us know what you think ...

Chandra Fashion
Sandra Fashion
Kate Fashion

Who looked the best at the Emmys?

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Sandra, she looks amazing!


They all look great. Kate Walsh is beautiful.


Sandra's Emmy is way past over due. She's the only person to have been nominated since the show started! Her current work has been some of her strongest work on the show. It seems the Emmy voters are not good when it comes to picking winners :/


Kate chooses a bad dress for her.Sandra chooses a beautiful dress but she had shocching-pink shoes and Chandra chooses a black dress but it wasn't suitable for her...then i don't vote nobody.


They all look amazing, but I love Kate's the best. She looks gorgeous as always.


Kate's dress is not very nice, methinks. Doesn't really fit her body, or her style. Sandra and Miranda both looks good, but Sandra is best. Her dress is very right for her and the social scene she's at.


Sandra Oh wins this one, she looked amazing


i honestly didn't like Kate's dress love her hair tho. I loved Sandra's dress. thanks for putting this up cause i didnt bother to watch emmy's same crap every year. No EP,PD....no watching emmy's for me.


i voted Kate Walsh... but Sandra Oh looks AMAZING!!!


kate is looking the best. like duh


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