FlashForward Series Premiere: What Did Everyone See?

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It's the question that will dominate FlashForward for the next few months: What did you see?

As various characters interact, and as Mark Benford tries to determine what the heck is going on, expect this inquiry (and its related, key answers) to be asked often.

With that in mind, here's a review of what each main character featured on this week's premiere saw in their vision of the future:

  • Mark Benford: In his office, trying to figure out the cause of the flash forwards; drinking heavily; in danger when armed men are seen outside.
  • Demetri Noh: Darkness. Will he be dead in six months?
  • Olivia Benford: With another man that she doesn't recognize (but viewers will later meet); admits to Mark that she had strong feelings for this man in her vision.
  • Bryce Varley: Simply saw himself alive; was on the verge of killing himself when blackouts occurred.
  • Aaron Stark: Saw his supposedly late daughter, thought to have been killed in Afghanistan, alive and well.
  • Stan Wedeck: Sitting on the toilet, reading the sports section; was reading story about Kobe Bryant's knee injury.
  • Janis Hawk: Getting a sonogram in her vision; not dating anyone in the present day.

What did you think of the opening episode?

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