I do not think we were to blame for this — you do. And if you will not see my line of reasoning it's all out war between us.


Can we skip over all the histrionic action movie clichés? Because I'm way too jetlagged to deal with any of that right now.


Bryce: You're gay?
Janis: I'm super gay.

The whole penis thing is a problem for me 'because I... don't... like them.


Simon: 20 million deaths on our shoulders. If that doesn't qualify us for God-hood, tell me: what does?

You want the wager the fate of millions of people on the outcome of a poker game?


Mark [to Lloyd]: I can make this comfortable for everybody: you leave. You don't come back.

It's my house, too.


Our experiment killed 20 million people, Simon. What more is there to say?

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