Former Lost Stars Promote FlashForward

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Goodbye, Penny.

So long, Charlie.

Both Sonya Walger and Dominic Monaghan have left their Lost characters behind and are focused on the next, big ABC drama. The actors play key roles on FlashForward, which premieres on September 24.

They each posed for promotional photos this week in anticipation of the series debut. Click on each pic below for a larger version:

Sonya Walger Promotional Photo

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there is one more Lost character that has not been mentioned that i know of. does everyone remember sawyer's baby mama well she is the sponsor's ex wife the one that works in the bar


FlashForward Quotes

I didn't just lose consciousness; my consciousness went somewhere else.

Mark Benford

We've been saying people have been blacking out, but that wasn't my experience. More like a dream.

Mark Benford